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Lawton, Oklahoma System Upgrade Status Map

Lawton System Upgrade Project Information

Fidelity Communications has started phase 2 of the major system upgrade project. Phase 1 consisted of teams working the overnight hours to replace every node in Lawton over the course of 5 months. We see a better quality of signal on our system, which means a higher level of service going out to customers. Our trouble ticket metrics are declining as well compared to previous years data.

As we move forward with phase two, we continue to strengthen our infrastructure by replacing amplifiers located alongside our new node technology. This will continue to increase the quality of signal moving closer to the homes we serve. Again, the result of these new technologies is a better level of service for our Lawton customers.

Maintenance Hours: What to Expect

Outages are estimated to last 5-10 minutes during daytime hours, up to 4 times throughout the day. After the new amplifiers are installed in the service area, crews will perform a line sweep and balance signal levels to make sure everything is working properly. Phase 2 maintenance outages, per service area, are expected to occur over 2-3 days. We estimate the entire project will be fully completed by April.

Fidelity crews are working hard, as a dedicated team, to provide a superior customer experience and innovative technologies that enhance our customers' lives.

Fidelity's commitment to providing superior customer service and innovative technologies is constant, and we believe that this full system upgrade will benefit our customers greatly.

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