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Fidelity Customers Report Receiving ‘Phishing’ Email

  • Posted by Blog Administrator - April 22, 2016

A few Fidelity customers have reported receiving a suspicious email in the past week. This email was not sent by Fidelity Communications or its Helpdesk.

The spam email from "" says we are deleting all old accounts to create more space for new accounts. They're told to click a link and update their information to prevent their account from being closed. None of this is true.

The email is an attempt at “phishing,” the practice of luring unsuspecting Internet customers to a fake web site by using an authentic-looking email in an attempt to steal passwords, financial or personal information, or introduce a virus attack.

Fidelity advises anyone receiving such an e-mail to just delete it. Replying with the information it requests could lead to identity theft, spamming or viruses. Fidelity never asks for account information via e-mail.

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