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Tech Tip - Voicemail Access Numbers

  • Posted by Blog Administrator - May 19, 2016

Due to recent equipment conversions, our voicemail access numbers have changed in certain Missouri and Oklahoma markets. To access your voicemail from home, dial *318 and enter your voicemail password.

If you haven't set one up yet, the default password is 1234 and you will be prompted to change your password. Any new messages will be identified and played. Then you’ll hear the Voicemail Main Menu.

To access voicemail outside the home, dial the appropriate voicemail access number for your area. New access numbers are: Lebanon, MO: 417-991-3600; Lawton, OK: 580-699-2650; Rolla, MO: 573-426-3200; Salem, MO: 573-453-2150; Sullivan, MO including Berger, Gerald, Japan, Lyon, New Haven, Owensville, Spring Bluff and Stanton: 573-468-2550.

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