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Fidelity Communications Undergoing System Upgrade in Lawton, OK

Lawton, OK Fidelity Communications is thrilled to announce to the Lawton community that the highly-anticipated System Upgrade Project will break ground on August 14th, 2017. This upgrade will provide improved service and reliability to Fidelity customers in the Lawton area.

Fidelity Communications has committed to this project in order to replace technology with updated versions. Lawton has become a highly penetrated community, and as a result, an upgrade is necessary to continue providing a superior experience. With the kickoff of this project, Fidelity engineering crews will be replacing every node and amplifier in selected regions at scheduled times. This upgrade will consist of a system wide hardware change out in which the latest technology in the field will be installed.

As construction begins in these areas, there will be a brief series of outages for a minimum of two days throughout the night and some during daytime hours. Customers will be notified when the outage will occur in their area in order to have time to prepare. Fidelity Communications recognizes that service outages can be frustrating. However, the result of this project will bring a significant enhancement in Internet, TV, and phone services to the Lawton community.

Brian Alldredge, the Lawton General Manager at Fidelity Communications says “Fidelity’s commitment to providing superior customer service and innovative technologies is constant, and we believe that this full system upgrade will benefit our customers greatly.”

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