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MAY 31, 2018 || NEWS RELEASE

Fidelity Communications Releases UltraLine UC, A Cloud-Based Communications Service for Local Businesses

Fidelity Communications, a telecommunications service provider based in Sullivan, Mo, recently announced the release of UltraLine UC, a new unified business communications service.

As communication services continue to expand in complexity, many businesses are struggling to find the right solution. UltraLine UC lets businesses leave the infrastructure to the experts, which helps to lower the demands on internal IT staff and reduce overhead and capital investments.

"We recognize that businesses need to stay focused on what they are good at," said Holly Bryant, Fidelity's Director of Sales. "Replacing your communications infrastructure with our UltraLine UC service plan offers a cost-effective communications system that can grow seamlessly alongside your business."

UltraLine UC is scalable and can be customized to fit businesses of any size; from home offices and small businesses, to multi-site and mid-market organizations, large professional firms, and even government or financial institutions.

Hosted on Fidelity's Metaswitch platform, UltraLine UC provides secure, 24/7 unlimited calling within the U.S. that is easy to use, increases productivity and connectivity, improves accessibility and customer service, and reduces costs. Fidelity provides the dial tone, internal wiring, and phone to replace all PBX needs for UltraLine UC customers. Customers are able to enjoy a variety of features such as: multiple business lines with HD voice quality, extension dialing, call logging, custom caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, multi-site call routing, voicemail-to-email service, and much more.

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