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Fidelity Partners with Atlanta to Offer High Speed Internet in Business Park

ATLANTA, TEXAS, August 26, 2013— Thanks to a partnership with Fidelity Communications, the Atlanta Business Park now has high-speed Internet service to both businesses located there.

A project to run fiber optic and coax cable to the park was completed Aug. 19. Two companies, Guard-Line and FibrTec, are served by the new lines. Guard-Line makes safety apparel and FibrTec manufactures high-strength carbon fiber.

“We had two existing businesses that needed reliable high-speed Internet,” said Atlanta City Manager David Cockrell. “Without fiber optic service, many businesses would not even consider the park. Fidelity had infrastructure nearby and was willing to help us out with the project.”

Cockrell said the Atlanta Economic Development Corporation provided funds and Fidelity provided equipment, labor and materials to make the project a reality. “In order to get more businesses in there, it’s very important for us that have that infrastructure available in the Business Park,” he said.

The project does allow for cable modem service as well as dedicated Internet ports and any other service that may require a fiber application. “There was a huge need to add these services so the businesses there could operate efficiently,” said Melody Glick, Fidelity business service sales representative. “It also allows Atlanta to compete for additional industry that will create jobs.” Fidelity will offer speeds up to 1 gigabit per second over fiber, along with cable TV services over coax connections.

Joab Teboe, Fidelity Installation and repair supervisor for the Atlanta market, said customers will be able to have all of their communication needs met with the combination of coax and fiber options. He added, “The city and its economic development group were great to work with. We got good cooperation and were able to get everything installed and up and working in no time.”

The Atlanta Economic Development Corporation is a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 corporation organized under the Texas Development Act of 1979 to promote economic development. A portion of a 2 percent city sales tax is used for manufacturing and industrial development, and the city may use the money raised by this sales tax to acquire or pay for land, buildings, equipment, facilities, expenditures, targeted infrastructure and improvements to promote industrial growth.

Fidelity Communications is the new High Speed Internet, Cable TV and phone company for (businesses and) residents in Atlanta. Fidelity offers speeds up to 50 Megs as well as hundreds of digital and HD TV channels, Whole Home DVR services and more. Atlanta is served by local technicians, customer service representatives and sales people from Fidelity’s local office in Marshall, TX. Fidelity can be reached at 903-938-1302 or online at

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