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Fidelity Upgrades Internet Speeds and Adds Cable Channels for Lebanon, Missouri

Fidelity Cable TV in Lebanon isn't what it used to be. And that's a good thing.

"Some Lebanon customers may still remember Fidelity's service as being unreliable, but that was over six years ago before we upgraded the plant and improved our service," said Andy Davis, Fidelity Communications General Manager.

Fidelity purchased the Lebanon cable TV system in 2006 and quickly designed a new coaxial-fiber cable plant to replace the outdated system it inherited from Cebridge Connections. But it was a rough start for the new plant, which was still being rebuilt when it was heavily damaged by a January 2007 ice storm and had to be rebuilt again.

"The ice storm set us back, but we actually replaced the entire system," recalled Scott Asberry, now the Supervisor of Installation & Repair Technicians in Rolla, Salem and Lebanon. "We replaced more than 100 miles of cable with fiber and coax, and upgraded our technology to provide more channels, faster Internet, and phone services." Fidelity's new cable system also features battery backup and increased redundancy for better quality signal and fewer cable outages.

Technology was updated again this year with the addition of DOCSIS 3.0 modems that drastically increased the speed of Fidelity's Internet packages. Speeds up to 50 Mbps are now available. This summer Fidelity also doubled the speed of all 1.5 Mbps Internet customers, and increased the speed of 6 Mbps Internet customers to 8 Mbps—both with no rate increase.

The channel lineup has also been consistently upgraded, and Fidelity now offers more than 200 channels in Lebanon, including nearly 70 HD channels. Eight new channels— including Hallmark Movie Channel HD, Investigation Discovery HD, NBC Sports Network HD, the new Disney Jr. Channel and FS Midwest Plus—were added in June.

 "People who take our services don't just get the latest and greatest channels and Internet speeds," Asberry added. "They get reliability and local support. That's our top priority."

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