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Fidelitys Rapid Growth Means New Location for Customer Care

SULLIVAN, MISSOURI, December 5, 2012 —The need for a new Contact Center prompted by Fidelity’s rapid growth will soon have other ramifications for its employees—in the form of a new location, possibly around the first of the year.

The old Bank of Sullivan Data Center is being acquired to house the Contact Center and some other Customer Care departments, including the Service Center, HelpDesk and Business Administration. Remodeling the building is now under way.

“With the new Fidelity South acquisitions, we’ve doubled in size,” said Marcie Nichols, Vice President of Customer Care. “We’re getting so big, we can’t really serve our customers with little business offices anymore. We need a more streamlined process and more people. We’re contemplating adding 30 to 50 agents in Customer Care.”

Many of that number will come from existing staff, but some new jobs will be added as well. How many remains to be determined. With more employees comes the need for more space.

“We ran out of space here,” Marcie said. “So we started looking around for a building to lease or purchase. We even thought about constructing a new one. Then the bank building became available.”

The 9,000-square-foot building is being extensively remodeled to house the entire Customer Care staff except for the local business offices. Customers who come to the Sullivan Business Office, or any of the remote offices, to pay their bills or order services will not be affected. The new building will only house employees who contact customers by phone or email.

It will feature acoustic ceilings and cubicle walls to soften sounds. All employees will wear headsets. Less noise will make for a better employee and customer experience, Marcie said. “We’re a little spread out now. It’ll be nice to all be together and able to hear and learn from each other.”

Current plans call for Marketing to move into the vacated space behind the Business Office. What will happen to the remaining space on Clark Street is still being determined.

Marcie expects the jobs created by the Contact Center to have a positive impact locally. “I feel this is a great opportunity, not only for Fidelity Communications, but for the City of Sullivan,” she said. “Fidelity will be adding several positions in order to better serve our growing multi-state market. This will strengthen the local economy.”

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