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Investigation Discovery will soon be available to more customers

LAWTON, OKLAHOMA, September 12, 2013—Effective Sept. 26, Fidelity will be changing the channel numbers of six different channels in Lawton and moving them to different tiers.

The biggest change involves Investigation Discovery, now on Channel 104 in the Digital Ultimate tier. This popular network will move to Channel 71 in the Expanded Basic tier, allowing more customers to watch it. The HD version is moving from Channel 504 to Channel 471, with no requirement for a Digital Ultimate subscription in order to receive it.

"This is great news for customers who wanted this channel but weren't ready to upgrade to Digital Ultimate," said Rachel Steinkiste, Product Manager of Video Services. "It offers some of the most compelling programming on TV and will now reach a wider Lawton audience."

Investigation Discovery is a television network that features documentary-style programming dealing with true crime subjects, including criminal investigations, forensics, and other crime-related documentaries. Shows include Surviving Evil, Deadly Women, Evil Kin, Wicked Attraction, Deadly Affairs, Double Cross, Fatal Encounters and Scorned.

In other Fidelity lineup changes, CSPAN, currently on Expanded Basic Channel 76, moves to Channel 95 on Basic. CSPAN2 migrates from Channel 77 (Expanded Basic) to Channel 95 (Basic).

The Lawton Public Schools channel will move from Channel 17 on Expanded Basic to Channel 8 (Basic) to reach more customers. This channel is switching places with TBS, which will move from Channel 8 to Channel 17. The HD version of TBS will move from Channel 408 to Channel 417. TBN, meanwhile, is moving from Channel 71 (Expanded Basic) to Channel 104 (Digital Ultimate).

For more current lineup information, please visit Fidelity's web site,, select Oklahoma, then Lawton and click Channel Lineup.

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