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Settings for Email beginning December 1, 2015

Step #1

Before proceeding with the following, please be sure you are on a Wifi network, and not connected to a cellular data network. (Fidelity will not be responsible for any charges you may incur if using a cellular network connection.)

Step #2

Please follow the link below for personalized help. (Opens in New Window)

For advanced users, click here for specific settings:

For advanced users, simply change your server and port settings to the ones listed below:

Incoming IMAP Server: Port: 993


Incoming POP3 Mail Server: Port: 995

Outgoing SMTP Mail server Port: 465

For your username, be sure to use your FULL email address (ie: or

Step #3

We recommended to disable notes as some customers incurred overage charges from notes being enabled and continuously syncing. Click Here for Disable Notes Settings

If you are having difficulties accessing your email account, please contact our Helpdesk

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