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Internet - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there another way to solve a connectivity issue?

In some cases, releasing and renewing your IP address can fix an Internet connectivity issue.

Security Settings

    Ensure all wireless devices have the same settings.

  • SSID: this is case sensitive.
  • Channel: the wireless channels are 1 to 11.
  • Mode: the wireless mode should be set to either ad hoc or infrastructure.
  • Encryption: you have these options for encryption:
  • Don't use any
  • Use WEP
  • Use WPA
  • Enable wireless access point
  • If Access Control List (ACL) is enabled on your router, make sure the MAC address of the wireless adapter is included in that list.
  • When configuring a router:
  • The user name must include a whole address like NOT just "testaccount".
  • After making changes, click Apply.
  • If you've enabled security, disable it by setting encryption to None. Then try connecting again.

Is there someone to call if I need Internet support?

Fidelity Communications provides 24-7 Helpdesk Support. Helpdesk technicians use system monitoring applications to provide state-of-the-art resources and system troubleshooting for our customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Helpdesk team supplies network administrators, end users and technical support personnel with operational support for user-related questions and problems, as well as maintenance support for system problems or equipment failures.

Fidelity's Helpdesk is committed to providing superior customer support. If you cannot find answers to your questions here, call our Tech Support toll free at 1-888-463-1924.

Tip: Before contacting our Helpdesk, solving your problem may be as simple as rebooting your PC to solve your problem. We recommend turning your PC off every night.

When you call our Tech Support please have your computer on and a description of the error you are receiving.

Need assistance configuring email accounts?

What is proration and how will this affect my bill?

If you are wondering why your bill is more/less than normal, ask yourself three questions. 1. Is this your first bill? 2. Have you made any recent changes to your Fidelity services? Or 3. Is this your last bill? If you answered yes to any of those questions, your bill is probably prorated. Proration means to bill for the services that you have for the specific amount of time that you have them.

On first bills, we bill from the date that the service started to the beginning of the closest bill cycle and then through that bill cycle, which is one month long. We do this to get you from your date of install onto one of our existing bill cycles. This means that first bills are generally for more than one month.

After that, in order to get your bills to you well in advance of the due date, Fidelity bills generate before the actual dates of service. The bills generate with charges for the services that you have at the time we create the bill. If you make changes to those services, whether it is to increase or decrease them, those changes will not reflect until the next bill that prints. This means that that next bill will bill for a normal month of the existing services, but will have to either issue charges or credits for the part of the previous month that you had increased or decreased services.

This also means that if we bill for a full month of service in advance, but a disconnect occurs in the middle of that month, we will issue credit for any previously billed service that falls after the date of disconnect.

What should I do if my Internet stops working?

First, reboot your network devices:

  1. Shut down your computer.
  2. Turn off your modem and unplug it from the power outlet.
  3. Turn off the wireless router by pressing the power button in the back.
  4. Plug the modem in and turn it on. Wait two minutes for it to completely restart before moving on to Step 5.
  5. Turn on the wireless router. Wait two minutes for it to completely restart before moving on to Step 6.
  6. Turn on the computer.
  7. If this doesn't restore your connection, try connecting your computer directly to your modem:
  8. Unplug your modem.
  9. Wait one minute, then plug it back in.
  10. If you can connect to the Internet, turn off your modem and computer, and reconnect your router.

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