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 Thursday, September 3, 2015 - Local Channels Programming Guide

The grid below shows upcoming Fidelity Local 6 and Fidelity Channel 95 television schedules available to Fidelity Television customers in select markets. All scheduled programming may be subject to change due to live event coverage.

Fidelity Local 6 Full TV Schedule

Thursday12 AMWade Ridenhour Sextet
Thursday9 AMOn the Couch - Bill Meenan
Thursday10 AMWest Plains vs Waynesville FB
Thursday3 PMComposting: Waste Management
Thursday4 PMRolla vs Union Softball
Thursday5 PMWest Plains vs Waynesville FB
Thursday8 PMRolla vs Lebanon 2015 GOTW
Thursday11 PMOn the Couch - Bill Meenan
Friday12 AMRockin Rolla
Friday2 AMLebanon vs Waynesville C5D10
Friday9 AMLebanon vs Jeff City Softball
Friday11 AMRolla vs Union Softball
Friday12 PMWest Plains vs Waynesville FB
Friday3 PMRolla vs Lebanon 2015 GOTW
Friday6 PMComposting: Vermicomposting
Friday9 PMSalem vs Bunker Volleyball
Friday10 PMRolla vs Union Softball
Saturday12 AMWade Ridenhour Sextet
Saturday4 AMOAT Cabaret
Saturday6 AMDuck Derby
Saturday7 AMOutdoor Vigilantes
Saturday8 AMRolla vs Kickapoo GOTW
Saturday10 AMLebanon vs Jeff City Softball
Saturday12 PMRolla vs Helias SB
Saturday2 PMRolla vs Union Softball
Saturday3 PMSalem vs Bunker Volleyball
Saturday4 PMWest Plains vs Waynesville FB
Saturday7 PMRolla vs Kickapoo GOTW
Saturday9 PMLebanon vs Jeff City Softball
Saturday11 PMComposting: Vermicomposting

Fidelity Channel 95 Full TV Schedule

Thursday1 AMSullivan vs STC Dist VSB 2014
Thursday2 AMColdwell Banker Reeves
Thursday2 AMSullivan City Council
Thursday3 AMIn The Fight
Thursday4 AMIn The Fight
Thursday5 AMWhite Mule Winery - replay
Thursday7 AM"Little John" & Sam Scott
Thursday8 AMJerry Thurmond-NRA Banquet
Thursday9 AMFor Sale Show
Thursday9 AMSullivan Family Dentistry-FREE
Thursday10 AMLIVE - White Mule Winery Show
Thursday11 AM090215R15JeannieJenkins
Thursday12 PMSullivan vs STJ DSB Champ 2014
Thursday2 PMJennifer Zimmerman - MoBapt
Thursday2 PMUniv Ext 4-H Karen Branstetter
Thursday3 PMColdwell Banker Reeves
Thursday4 PMLIVE-Sullivan v STJ V Softball
Thursday8 PMEarly Morning Show - Replay
Thursday8 PMMorning Show - Replay
Thursday9 PMSull vs Salem DSB Semifinal2014
Thursday11 PMWhite Mule Winery - replay
Friday1 AMIn The Fight
Friday2 AMColdwell Banker Reeves
Friday3 AMSullivan City Council
Friday3 AMMoBap LS - Diet and Cholesterol
Friday5 AMWhite Mule Winery - replay
Friday7 AM"Little John" & Sam Scott
Friday8 AM"Little John" & Cousin Norm
Friday9 AMFor Sale Show
Friday9 AMNorma Bretz - Cuba Chamber
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