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Fidelity Headquarters
64 North Clark St.
Sullivan, Missouri 63080


Note: In your email, please provide us your name, city, state and account number if you are a current customer.



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Fidelity Customer Referral Program

Referral Program FAQs

  • When and how are rewards given? The Referral Program Member and the New Customer will each receive a $25 virtual visa gift card via email after installation is completed and has been confirmed. Confirmation could take up to two weeks. Virtual gift cards are issued by a company named Tango and will be emailed with the subject line "Your Referral Reward from Fidelity Communications"
  • How many friends can I refer? The Referral Program Member can make unlimited referrals and will be eligible to receive up to 23 rewards, which is equivalent to $575, per calendar year.
  • Who qualifies as a New Customer? Someone 18 years or older, whose address is serviceable and is installing new service(s), and has not had any active service(s) within the last 90 days.

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