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Welcome to the Fidelity Business Blog

15 Money Free Ways to Reward Your Employees

Question: Does more pay mean more productive workers? Not entirely true. A popular motivational theory suggests that this equation may not compute. So, what would work better? Things like recognition for a job well done or a new responsibility – none of which cost money. Here are 15 ways to cash in on this idea and use non-monetary rewards to motivate your...

What Not to Do When Choosing Business Internet Service Providers

Going into a buying decision without being prepared can be risky. Unlike big corporations that might shrug off the monetary consequences of a poor decision or two, every dollar counts when you run a small business. Fortunately, there's a way to make even the complicated process of choosing a cost-effective Internet plan that's right for your business...

15 Easy Ways to Support Your Community During a Pandemic

These days, volunteering and showing your support for the community takes on a different...

How to Avoid Burning Out While Running A Business

When it comes to running your small business, it's clear that it can be an all-encompassing effort where taking the time for self-care – whether it's for physical and emotional wellbeing – are in the backseat for...

Common Mistakes When Converting Ecommerce Traffic into Sales

While it's true online sales means reaching more customer beyond the walls of a brick-and-mortar, it comes with some hurdles. How do you convert ecommerce traffic with essentially none of the perks that come with personal selling? Meaning, without the smiles, handshakes or compliments and even the satisfaction of ringing up a...

4 Solid Cash-Flow Truths for Your Small Business

For most small business owners, one of the consistent concerns that keep them up at night is about whether the company has enough cash...

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Small Businesses

When almost 60 percent of small businesses that suffer a cyberattack shutter within half a year, it makes more sense than not to take that statistic as a warning. By employing a few best practices to safeguard your business against cyberthreats, you can protect yourself from becoming a victim of such...

Choosing the Right Phone System for Your Real Estate Business

A real estate office may not consider...


New Fidelity Fiber Ring Connects All Bryant Schools Campuses

Fidelity Communications has completed new fiber ring providing Wide Area Network (WAN) services to the Bryant School District’s seven campuses that is now fully...

Business Customers Now Enjoying Faster Upload Speeds

Thanks to a recent upgrade, Fidelity Communications Business customers with cable modem Internet are now receiving up to twice the Internet upload speeds - at no additional...


Business Sales Team Helps Atlanta, TX Get the Speed It Needs

The Fidelity Business Sales team recently helped the City of Atlanta, TX get more Internet bandwidth it needed to support its new phone...


Business Phone Services Now Available in El Dorado Springs and Thayer, MO, and Hardy, AR

Attention business...


Fidelity Saves City of Carthage Money on Services

The City of Carthage, TX was looking to increase Internet speeds for its various departments and save taxpayer money. With help from Fidelity Communications, it was able to do that and much...


New Fidelity Fiber Route Built for West Plains Businesses

Businesses along a nearly four-mile stretch of Highway 63 in West Plains will soon be able to connect to fiber optic-based services from Fidelity Communications. Fidelity has invested significant capital in the...


Fidelity Builds Fiber for Maumelle-North Little Rock Businesses

Businesses along a 2.5-mile stretch of Maumelle Boulevard can now connect to fiber optic-based services from Fidelity Communications. Fidelity has invested significant capital in the project, serving sections of Maumelle and North Little...

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