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15 Easy Ways to Support Your Community During a Pandemic

  • Posted February 16, 2021

These days, volunteering and showing your support for the community takes on a different meaning.

With social distancing rules in place and concerns over a worsening pandemic, the organizations and non profit group in the communities we work and live in need our help more than ever. As small business owners, being involved is not only good for the community, but it’s also good for business.

So, how do we get involved?

There are a number of ways to show your community pride. And not all require a monetary donation. The key is to be genuine. Choose an activity that appeals to you. Here are 15 ways your small business can promote your own brand of community pride:

  • Donate in-kind office supplies to a nonprofit organization.
  • Source supplies for your business from other local businesses.
  • Add the phrase “Proud Supporter of [city name]” as part of your business’s promotional efforts.
  • Volunteer to serve on the board of directors for a nonprofit organization.
  • Sponsor a flag display at a local park.
  • Allow employees to use one hour of work time to participate in a community service project.
  • On your website, feature an employee who is active in community service.
  • Give an award each year to an individual or organization for a community project.
  • Sponsor an exhibit at the local library that profiles famous local citizens.
  • Establish a “Buy [city name]” section of your store to feature items made locally.
  • Participate in the Adopt-a-Highway program where your business sponsors a section of highway.
  • Offer to keep a collection for a local charity at your cash register where customers can drop in their spare change.
  • Ask customers to donate one dollar at the point of purchase to a local charity. Promote that your business will match their contributions.
  • Advertise in local community newsletters.
  • Partner with an organization for veterans to provide care bags to deployed soldiers.

Local pride is good for the community and for your business. Give your small business a voice by promoting your own brand of genuine community pride.

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