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Common Mistakes When Converting Ecommerce Traffic into Sales

  • Posted February 2, 2021

While it's true online sales means reaching more customer beyond the walls of a brick-and-mortar, it comes with some hurdles. How do you convert ecommerce traffic with essentially none of the perks that come with personal selling? Meaning, without the smiles, handshakes or compliments and even the satisfaction of ringing up a sale.

When it comes to converting traffic into sales in a digital setting, it might be a good idea to look at it from a different angle: what should businesses avoid doing? Follow along:

An Unwelcome Setting
A site that's an eyesore and hard to navigate is a turn off – propelling the visitor to leave instead of browsing a little longer. Just as you would greet a customer in your physical store, make the online visitor feel welcome, appreciated and tended to. To achieve this, make it easy to locate products and find information such as prices, write-ups and anything further that may help prospects make an informed decision.

Make Contacting You Difficult
One way to discourage visitors is to make it very challenging for them to access phone numbers or addresses. While some business sites do so because they'd prefer to keep the online experience online, don't be tempted to follow suit. Fewer phone calls may make your life easier, but the ability to contact a live person when necessary is an important component to a possible sale.

A Lack of Customer Reviews
Online reviews do matter and when they're lacking, it could lead to a lack of sales. Online visitors want to know what others are saying about your business, product and experience working with you. Dedicate some prominent space on your site to customer reviews and encourage those who've bought from you to leave reviews of their own. Besides helping consumers make a decision to buy, it also sends a message of transparency.

Absence of Special Online Offers
Without developing special online offers that run for a limited time, there won't be a sense of urgency which translates to a lack of sales. Change them out from time to time and consider duplicating ones you run in your physical store for online, such as BOGOs and punch cards. Another idea to consider is implementing an online loyalty program.

Not Refining Your Search Efforts
What do your potential customers want from you? When you come up with those key term, put them into everyday phrases, such as 'petite dresses' or 'mid-century modern tables.' You can use these to create key word campaigns and develop Google AdWords efforts. Refine how you search and that allows you to attract more qualified leads that are likely to buy.

Complicating the Payment Process
The absolute last thing you want to do once a visitor is ready to buy is to discourage them by making payment difficult. Think about your typical customer to determine their preferred online method of payment. If it's credit card, lead with this option. If it's PayPal, make this the focus. If you use discount codes or special offers, make it easy for customers to apply them.

No Rewards for Repeaters
Everyone likes to feel special, especially customers. If someone makes a purchase, make them instant members of any email incentive programs. This will give them a reason to come back, for example a discount or gift certificate. To enrich the experience, incorporate your online efforts with traditional ones. For example, mail new online customers post cards with offer codes or other incentives.

Converting ecommerce traffic into sales is not the same as selling in a brick-and-mortar environment. By avoiding these traps and employing effective tactics and strategies, the more successful you'll be.

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