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Avoid These Blunders to Create a Winning Mobile-Friendly Business

  • Posted April 6, 2021

These days, having a mobile-friendly business is more of a must-have rather than a maybe-one-day-have. As consumers come to expect businesses to have up-to-date information, small businesses are left with making sure they're up to speed or face the possibility of being left behind. Fortunately, the following tips may steer you in the right direction so you're better prepared to position your business in the best light. Here are things to avoid when creating a mobile-friendly business:

1. A Website that's Not Optimized
We've all been on the wrong side of a site that hasn't been optimized. Small type and tabs that don't fit your phone screen are just some of the troubles that come with this territory. So, if your business website isn't optimized for mobile, make it your priority to get it up to speed.

For one, it will lead to a much more pleasant user experience, which leads to fewer drop-offs. More important, however, is it will give your site preferential treatment from search engines, like Google, which view optimized sites as more valuable to its users.

2. Not Thinking On Your Feet
Mobile means moving and people who are constantly on the move need certain types of content. First, there are the basics, like your correct address (for GPS purposes) and your hours of business. Second, they may want to know what's going on, such as a sales event or other special occasions.

They may also want to see reviews of your business left by other satisfied customers or testimonials that help them determine if your business is worthy of their patronage. The more you think like a mobile consumer, the more you'll learn to provide relevant content.

3. Developing for the Website
It's true that business websites were crucial for success back when consumers were more on their desktop and laptop computers. But the shift to mobile devices has caused a move to apps. By developing an app for your business they can keep on their smartphone devices, consumers can access your business in an instant.

What's more, you can take advantage of the flexibility that an app can offer over a conventional site. For instance, you can push out content in real time - when customers are on the move or nearby. You can also take advantage of options like geofencing, which targets consumers with your message when they travel within a specified range of your business.

4. Forgetting About Your Customers
It's important to think mobile. However, don't forget that content allows you to reach out directly to prospects through their mobile devices. These machines play videos and carry live content like product demonstrations.

Maintain a personal touch and remember that consumers are people first. In addition, make sure your mobile and real-world content is in sync. For instance, check to see if the hours of operation listed on your door matches the ones featured online.

No matter how mobile our society gets, your business can keep up if it continues to think mobile friendly. These helpful tips will have you started in the right direction.

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