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Welcome to the Fidelity Blog

Everyone from product managers and customer care specialists to business sales reps and technical staff will discuss news, change at our company, and our thoughts on what’s important in our industry.

We look forward to our conversations, and welcome your feedback.


You Can Learn Anything Online!

Kids these days... they just think they're so smart, don't they? Well, did you ever stop to think about why that may be? The internet has revolutionized education, but not just for kids—you can find some pretty amazing educational and training resources online, for almost any topic under the sun!

If you've ever had a yearning to learn another language or study a different culture, you can...

Choosing the Right Streaming Device for Your Needs

You deserve to watch what you want on a schedule that works for you. Internet streaming services make watching your favorite shows easier than ever. To help you make the most of your internet and cable services, we're going to break down your streaming device options in this blog post.

If you don't already have a streaming device, you're going to want to buy one so you can watch what you want,...

How to Build Your Business Online

Business owners — are you looking for ways to find real, sustainable growth online? It's time to get your message out there and get those leads rolling in. Fidelity Communications is here to help. We've been providing business communication services to customers in Missouri for nearly 80 years. Today we're going to share what we've learned in the last few decades about growing businesses...

Marketing, Tech-Tips

Let Your Virtual Assistant Do the Heavy Lifting

You probably get by just fine in your day-to-day life without a personal assistant. Now—thanks to the latest Artificial Intelligence technology—you can enjoy the benefits of having a digital personal assistant in your home. But why would you want to add a voice-activated smart device to your home? Well, let's take a look at all the ways a virtual assistant can make your life easier. 



How to Build Your Own Community Online

The internet has certainly made daily life a little easier, but has it made life better? Has it made life more fulfilling?

Sure, you can get a relatively reliable weather report the minute you wake up. You can see if traffic is going to be a problem before you get on the interstate. And you can keep track of the score of the game—even while you're at dinner with your in-laws (we won't tell if...


How Small Communities Are Leveraging Broadband to Drive Economic Growth

It's been nearly two decades since President Bill Clinton spoke about the “digital divide” to the American public.  

Since then, researchers across the country have spent millions to research the importance of internet access in US communities. 

As it turns out, when Clinton suggested that reliable internet access would soon become less a luxury and more an essential resource...

Engineering News

How Fidelity is Utilizing Real-Time System Monitoring to Better Serve Our Customers

Calling customer service when your internet is out can make two minutes on hold feel like two hours. Trust us, we understand that frustration, and we've already written about it here.

At Fidelity Communications, we work hard to be more than just good listeners when you call customer service. In fact, we take what we learn from your customer service calls and then find ways to solve those...


Give Your Child Every Advantage

You can probably remember a time before the internet. You may even remember a time before there was a personal computer in every home. 

But your kids (or grandkids) don't. 

For them, the internet has always been a part of their lives, involved in everything from talking to family members who live far away, learning on computers and tablets at school, and even entertainment at home. They have no...

Marketing, Tech-Tips

Is the Internet Changing Education, Schools, and Learning?

In a previous post, we talked about the impact of technology on small towns, businesses and society as a whole. 

Schools are another place where modern technology usage is very important. Though most schools are playing catch-up in terms of getting more technology in the classroom, they also need to embrace its use. 

At a conference earlier this year, Vice-president of Education at Microsoft...

Marketing, Tech-Tips

Cellular Data vs. Wi-Fi: Money-Saving Secrets Your Mobile Phone Company Won’t Tell You

If you live in the United States, chances are pretty good that you’ve got a mobile phone. 

As we move from the internet era into today’s connected era, increased mobile adoption makes perfect sense. However, mobile carriers aren’t exactly helping their users make the most of their mobile device. 

Mobile carriers don’t sell broadband internet, they sell data. And they make a lot of money...

Marketing, Tech-Tips

What "Ready Player One" Really Tells Us About The Potential of Modern Tech

According to Steven Spielberg's ‘Ready Player One,' the future of the world is bleak–complete with all the famine, poverty, and warfare you'd expect to find in a perfect dystopia. 

The reality of life is so harsh that most people–including protagonist Wade Watts–spend most of their time in the OASIS, a global virtual reality world. 

It seems that most moviegoers have responded to the...


What Makes a Broadband Connection (And How to Make the Most of It)

Last week we wrote about how important it is to have a reliable broadband connection, and why your local ISP is the place to get it.

So, now you know you definitely need broadband, but like, what does that mean?

Not to worry. We'll explain it all right here.

In the techy, telecommunication sense, broadband can get pretty involved. Here's the simple version of that complicated answer.

Anything that...

What You Need to Know About Reliable Internet in Small Towns

You’ve been there. It’s been a long day. You woke up early, sat in traffic for at least an hour, spent the next nine working too hard at your demanding job, and all you want to do is get home, make a good supper, and finally get caught up on the last two episodes of Supernatural.

Then it happens. Out goes the Internet. Again. So, you get back up and call the company.

Operator. Agent....


Customers Being Targeted with Email Scam

Currently, there is an email scam circulating and Fidelity customers are the target. You may receive an email that appears to be from Fidelity asking to validate either your account information or payment information. Please DO NOT click on anything in these emails and delete them immediately. These emails are not from Fidelity and are phishing scams. An example of these emails is shown to the...


Cyber Security- How to Keep Your Technology Secure

The use of computers in our daily lives has become a staple to survival. Long gone are the days of disconnection and simplicity, which is why the concept of cyber security has developed. Every time you log onto your computer, there is potential for hacking and theft to occur within. However, if you take the right precautions, you can become educated in knowing the basic principles of...


How To Choose an Internet Service Provider

The Internet is tied to almost every part of our lives, which makes finding a reliable service provider vital for both homes and businesses.

A good Internet provider should offer consistently fast speeds that allow schoolwork to be completed on time, greater opportunities for job searching and submitting applications, online banking and bill payments, home office usage, keeping up...


Tech Tip - Saving Video on iOS 10.1

If you have an iPhone and download the new iOS 10.1, you’ll soon discover it sometimes adds a step to saving videos (ones you don’t record yourself) to your phone. Say you download a video that’s an email attachment, like one from for use in an Instagram post. Tap the attached file to download it, then hit the Share button when it opens. Instead of “Save Video,” you’ll...


Fidelity Launches 250 Mbps Internet in Hardy, AR Area

Ready for life in the fast lane? Fidelity Communications has launched a new blazing fast 250 Mbps internet package for its customers in Hardy, Highland and Cherokee Village, AR.

The new download speeds are double the top current offering of 125 Mbps. For customers seeking better upload speeds, the new package also offers 10 Mbps upload speed—ideal for gamers or people sending and receiving...


Make Your Picks Now in Fidelity's College Bowl Challenge

Sign up now for the Fidelity Communications Bowl Challenge and make your picks as college teams gear up for the bowl game season.

Fidelity Communications is offering fans a way to win prizes by picking the winners in key matchups, including the College Playoff Championship game.

By entering, contestants can follow all the bowl games, compete against friends/neighbors, and get a chance to win...


Tech Tip - Why Pay for a Modem?

Here are a few disadvantages to using your own Internet modem:

1) Why pay for equipment that's free with your service? 

2) Our technicians can’t be experts on all available devices and can't provide end to end support of a device we don't supply.

3) Fidelity services are designed to work with certain devices and software. We can’t guarantee consistent package delivery past the modem/router.



United Way Tops $1.7 Million in Donations With Fidelity's Help

The Franklin County Area United Way topped $1.7 million in funding for local agencies and programs in its 2016 campaign, with help from companies like Fidelity Communications.

In August, Fidelity Communications was named a pilot company for its 2016 fundraising campaign by the county United Way’s board of directors. 

During the campaign, employees came through with $2,358 in donations. A $500...


Tech Tip - Our Equipment Best for WiFi

We encourage customers to use our equipment instead of their own to deliver our Internet services. Here are a few advantages:

1) The devices we provide are the latest in 802.11ac wireless technology, supplying the customer a superior experience. 

2) We completely support the device, so if it fails, we replace it. 

3) Fidelity offers promotions with free WiFi options on our services when using our...


Fidelity Adding HD Versions of 15 Premium Channels

Effective Dec. 8, Fidelity is adding high definition versions of 15 premium channels to its Premium lineup in all markets.

New additions are HBO2 HD, HBO Signature HD, HBO Family HD, HBO Comedy HD, More Max HD, Action Max HD, Thriller Max HD, Showtime 2 HD, Showtime Showcase HD, Showtime Extreme HD, Movie Channel Xtra HD, Encore Action HD and Encore Classic HD.

“We are organizing our networks,...


Fiber Technology for Fidelity Broadband, TV and Phone Now Available in Benton, AR Subdivisions

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology for new Internet packages, digital TV and phone service from Fidelity Communications is now available in three subdivisions in the Benton, AR area. 

About 200 homes in Sterling Oaks, The Maples and The Oaks are being serviced with Fidelity’s Fiber Digital offerings. Packages include 30 and 100 Megabits per second (Mbps) download speeds with matching upload...


Fidelity to Launch Fiber-Based Services in Hallsville, TX

Fidelity Communications is planning to launch new fiber-based services in Hallsville, TX in early December.

In certain areas, Fidelity will offer a full suite of high-speed Internet, digital TV and phone services for residential customers and a wide range of business services.  

The new fiber plant will allow speeds of 1 or more Gigabits (1,000 megabits) per second. Initially, service will be...


FiDO Tip - Fidelity Local 6 Content

High School football season just ended for most schools but your favorite memories of this season live on in the Fidelity on Demand FiDO app. Free to watch recordings are available of several games in different markets, also including softball and other sports. Just go to Fidelity on Demand, select Fidelity Local 6 on the top row and choose your area for the game you want to watch!


Tech Tip - Wireless Bands

The Internet speeds you receive wirelessly vary based on the radio and processing power in each of your devices. Some older devices can only connect to the 2.4Ghz band. Most newer devices can connect to both the 2.4Ghz band and the less crowded 5Ghz band. Both are available with your Fidelity equipment.

For example, 802.11g (or “G”) routers only offer speeds up to 25 Mbps. “N” routers...


Fidelity Partners With Vernon County United Way to Fund Agencies

Fidelity will joining forces with the United Way of Vernon County in Nevada, MO area to help fund agencies and programs serving that community.

Fidelity is encouraging its employees, especially those in Vernon County, to make a donation to the local United Way chapter, now in its 60th year.

Contributions support such local agencies and programs as American Red Cross of Southern Missouri-Nevada,...


FiDO Tip - Set How Long to Keep Recordings

Set how long to keep your recorded shows in the Recorded TV tab on FiDO. Select the recorded show and hit Recording Options on the right. You can choose to keep a show until you delete it, until space is needed or for a certain number of days. It's that easy!


Tech Tip - Connect Laptop to Monitor

Connecting your laptop to a monitor is pretty easy. First, get a monitor cable that matches the sockets on your laptop and monitor. In Windows, access Devices in Control Panel and set your computer to project to a second screen. On Macs, an external monitor is automatically recognized. In both PCs and Macs, you can have the second screen mirror your laptop screen or act as an extension of the...


FiDO Tip - Use Mobile Device as Remote

To use your mobile device as a FiDO remote, you must first pair it with your box. First download the Arris Follow Me TV app to your device. Then arrow over to Settings and select Mobile App. Hit Add, enter the 8-number pairing code on your device and hit Connect. Your device is now ready to use with FiDO! Just select the tiny icon that looks like a remote at the top of your device screen to...


Tech Tip - Unresponsive Remote

If your TV remote stops working, press the CABLE button on the remote to make sure it is in Cable mode. Try the remote again. If it doesn't respond, press the CHAN UP and DOWN button on the front of the set top box. If the channel changes, the problem is the remote control, possibly needing new batteries. Also try unplugging the set top box and plugging it back in. For further assistance, call...


Major Improvements Made to Hardy, AR Internet Services, Fidelity Says

Fidelity Communications has completed major improvements to its internet service in Hardy, AR that took effect October 26, the company announced.

Made due to subscriber growth in Hardy far beyond expectations,the improvements will result in more robust and consistent services, plus the addition of 250 Megabits per second (Mbps) Internet effective Dec. 1.

Network upgrades were needed to keep up...


Reports of Unknown Person Knocking on Doors, Telling Lawton Residents False Information About Fidelity

We've received reports of an unidentified person knocking on doors in Lawton claiming to represent AT&T/DirecTV.  He's telling residents they need to switch providers because Fidelity is closing or being sold. This is NOT true.

Fidelity Communications is aggressively growing the Lawton market and has been since 2008. Fidelity is continuing to build and enhance its services. The business office...


Tech Tip - Skip the Password Screen on PC

Today's tip is how to skip the password screen when signing into Windows. Click the Windows button, or search, and type netplwiz in the box. Click the netplwiz tab to open User Accounts, uncheck the top left box and hit OK. Re-enter your password twice and you're done! Reboot and you're signed in automatically!

Programming News

Fidelity Adds HSN to Channel Lineup in Lawton, OK, Lebanon, MO

Fidelity is pleased to announce the addition of HSN to its channel lineup in Lawton, OK and Lebanon, MO effective November 15.

HSN is a one-of-a-kind network featuring top brands, exclusive collections, live events, and never-ending new discoveries. 

In Lawton, HSN will be added to channel 8 on the MUSTView tier and channel 408 in HD. The Lawton Public School, which is currently on channel 8,...


FiDO Tip - Adding Storage Space

Need more storage space for recordings on your FiDO box? Attach a DVR-capable external hard drive. It must be an eSATA drive with an eSATA port to connect to the FiDO Gateway. Look for “DVR” in the name and “eSATA” in the description. A regular USB hard drive won’t work. Once you connect using an eSATA cable, FiDO will format the new drive for storage. Some popular brands include...


Tech Tip - Watch TV Everywhere

With Fidelity's Watch TV Everywhere, if you are a Fidelity TV customer, you can watch certain channels and shows on a tablet, phone, laptop or computer anywhere you want to take it. If you can connect to the Internet, you can watch TV Everywhere. To access Watch TV Everywhere channels, you must get that channel as a part of your programming package. All you have to do is register. Here's a...


FiDO Tip - Extend Recording Time

Scheduled a game recording but don't want to miss the end if it goes overtime? Go to the Scheduler in the Recorded TV tab and find your scheduled recording. Select it and hit Recording Options, then select Stop. Here you can extend a recording up to 90 minutes!


Tech Tip - Strong Password

Another key to optimizing your wireless Internet speed is a strong password. If your network password is too simple, it’s like an invitation for hackers, or even neighbors, to steal your signal. If you’re using your own router, change the password to something difficult to guess.

Tips for doing this include substituting numbers and symbols for vowels in a word, like R3it3r&tion, or other...


Fidelity Again Wins Top TV, Internet Provider in Rolla Reader's Poll

We're No. 1! Fidelity Communications was selected Rolla’s best Internet and TV provider for 2016 in polls conducted by the Rolla Daily News.

RDN readers selected the Best of the Best Readers’ Choice winners in online polling and paper ballot voting over the past month. 

A complete list of winners will be announced in a special Readers’ Choice section later this month. Fidelity has won top...


CommSoft Honors Fidelity as Client of the Year

Billing software developer CommSoft has named Fidelity Communications Client of the Year for operational excellence, teamwork and innovative ideas. The award was presented at a billing conference held recently in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Melissa Frenyea of CommSoft praised Fidelity’s dedication to “understanding everything from the inside out. They do the little things right - support calls...


FiDO Tip - Tips Tab

Another way to find useful information about FiDO is the Tips tab in Settings. Click on Tips and you'll find categories like Recording Icons and Remote Shortcuts. Use the Next button on your remote to move through the illustrations page by page. It's easy!

10/13 It's Tech Tip Thursday! Another key to optimizing your wireless Internet speed is a strong password. If your network password is too...


Tech Tip - Clean Your PC

One reason your wireless internet signal can become weak is if your PC is too old or cluttered. Sometimes you can boost your WiFi speed by cleaning up your PC and shedding unnecessary files and programs that may be slowing it down. There's plenty of free software out there. Just Google PC cleaner for a list of options

Email Customers Warned About Spam Messages Seeking Personal Information

Customers beware! Several Fidelity email customers report receiving official-looking spam emails seeking personal information recently. 

Many of the fake emails contain a Fidelity logo and ask recipients to click on a link that takes them to a fake email login page. The login page is an attempt to steal their email password. 

“If you receive such an email, even if it looks official, please do...


Movie Matinee in Lebanon October 8 Features 'Storks'

To make up for earlier movie nights cancelled due to inclement weather, Fidelity Communications will host a free matinee showing of the new animated movie "Storks" on the big screen on Saturday, October 8.

The fun starts at 1 p.m. at the B & B Lebanon Ritz 8 Theatre located at 925 S. Jefferson Ave. Everyone is welcome, but only the first 124 people will be admitted. Come early for a good seat....


FiDO Tip - Stingray Music

Tired of your music collection? With Stingray Music on your FiDO box, you've got all the music genres right at your fingertips. Scroll through music ranging from country to pop to rock to hip hop and Everything ‘80s. Keep scrolling upward and you’ll find Pandora, where you can create your own stations based on a particular song or artist. Give it a listen!


Tech Tip - Dual Band Speeds

Today we continue to explore factors affecting your wireless Internet speed. Most older routers use the 2.4GHz frequency, which is crowded with everything from baby monitors to microwave ovens. Newer 802.11n and 802.11ac dual band routers send out two network signals, one at 2.4 and one at 5GHz. While 5GHz lacks the range of an “N” router on the 2.4 GHz frequency, it’s much faster and...


FiDO Tip - Sound Effects

You hear sounds almost every time you push a button on your FiDO remote. Arrow to the Sound Effects tab in Settings to increase or reduce the volume of these sounds or mute them entirely!


Tech Tip - Router Placement

Many factors can affect your wireless Internet speed, including some simple laws of physics. One is the distance between your router and your wireless device. Avoid placing your router next to thick brick or concrete walls. If possible, place it as high as possible, especially if it’s on the bottom floor or in the basement. This could make a difference.


Marketing Team Wins Midi Awards for Be Connected Promotion, Fidelity Roundup

Congratulations to the Fidelity Marketing team for winning two Mid-America Cable Telecommunications Association awards, honoring the best 2016 advertising and marketing promotions.

Fidelity won for Marketing and Promotion: Be Connected Promotional Campaign, and Cable Advertising - Self Promotion: The Fidelity Roundup. 

The Marketing team accepted its Midi awards at the annual Mid-America...


Fidelity Named OzSBI Champion by West Plains Business Incubator

Fidelity Communications has been named an OzSBI Champion for its support of the Ozarks Small Business Incubator located in West Plains, MO. Here, Randy Ward, left, of Fidelity and Heather Fisher of OzSBI display the banner that now hangs in the OzSBI lobby as Toney Aid, OzSBI CEO looks on.

"Fidelity has been partnering with OzSBI for many years already, providing high quality Internet service...


FiDO Tip - Opera TV Store

Have you checked out the Opera TV Store yet? To access, arrow over to Apps and then up to Opera TV Store. You have many different options like Movies & TV, Games, Music, Sports, Kids, and many more! You can even view your local weather!


Tech Tip - Running Speed Test

Wonder what Internet speed you’re getting? Go to and choose the nearest server to run a speed test of your current download and uploads speeds. Speeds may vary from test to test. Wireless speeds are never as fast as those using wired connections. Remember, the more devices you have, the less bandwidth there is to go around. And the further your...


Tickets Available for Fidelity-Sponsored MMA Fighter's Bout Saturday Night

Tickets are still available for a bout featuring Fidelity Communications-sponsored professional MMA fighter Ronni Nanney of Sullivan in at 7 p.m. Saturday at St. Charles Family Arena as part of the Fight Hard MMA series.

Nanney will wear FIdelity gear and display a sponsorship banner produced by Fidelity. Tickets to the fight start at just $5 and General Admission is free. To get tickets now...


FiDO Tip - Streaming Channels

Have you checked out our new streaming channels on FiDO? Arrow over to Apps to find everything from the Sports Feed to Toon Goggles, along with popular channels like YouTube, Vimeo and Pandora, plus the Opera TV Store that's packed with content choices.


Tech Tip - Missed Your PPV?

 If you miss a Pay-Per-View movie/event you ordered, you don't have to still pay for it. In areas where Fidelity provides impulse-ordering via remote control (Rolla/Sullivan/Lebanon/Salem/Lawton and DSL areas), you will not be billed for PPV if you don't actually go to, or "tune" to, the channel carrying the movie or event. In cities that require phone ordering (all other areas), you must call...

Marketing, Programming News

Fidelity Local 6 Web Site Has New Look, More Content

The Fidelity Local 6 web site has a new look and new content from five different regions where we cover sports and community events.

The mobile friendly site,, allows visitors to choose their region for exclusive local content from their area. Regions currently include:

Central Missouri (Sullivan, Owensville, New Haven MO); Missouri Ozarks (Rolla, Lebanon, Salem, West...


FiDO Tip - Channel Filters

Other ways FiDO can filter programming for you, besides Favorites and HD, include Movies, Kids, Sports, TV Music, Apps and News programming. Landing on a filter card shows all the programming in that category now available for viewing. This beats browsing through hundreds of channels to find what you want.


Tech Tip - Unable to Process Error

If you try to order an On Demand program and receive an “Unable to Process Request” error message, this means the set-top box is unable to communicate with the On Demand equipment at Fidelity. Try turning your set-top box off and then on again. If the message appears again, note the time it appeared, the action you took and call Fidelity Customer Service at 800-392-8070.

Marketing, Programming News

Fidelity Local 6 to Replay Salt Bowl Saturday, Sunday Nights

Fidelity Communications will carry the hottest rivalry in Arkansas high school football, the Salt Bowl, tape-delayed on Fidelity Local 6 this weekend.  

The 2016 Salt Bowl will be played this Friday night, September 2, at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. Attendance at the game is traditionally the highest at any high school game in Arkansas.

Fidelity Local 6 will replay the game at 7 p.m....


FiDO Tip - Adding Channels to Favorites

Want to add a TV channel from Favorites or remove it? Select the channel and arrow right, then hit OK. Arrow down to Add Item to Favorites and hit OK. It's now added. To remove the channel, follow the same steps and select Remove Item from Favorites. It's that easy!


United Way Honors Fidelity as Pilot Company for 2016 Effort

The Franklin County Area United Way has named Fidelity Communications a pilot company for its 2016 fundraising campaign by the county United Way’s board of directors.

Five area employers were chosen for the honor based on their family-oriented values. Also selected were the Four Rivers Area Family YMCA, Meramec Valley R-III School District, Enduro Binders and United Bank of Union.



Tech Tip - Need Internet Support?

Have you ever found yourself stuck and needing Internet support? Fidelity provides 24-7 Helpdesk Support! Our techs use system monitoring applications to provide state-of-the-art resources and system troubleshooting for our customers. Solving your problem may be as simple as rebooting your PC or modem. If this does not solve the issue, call our Tech Support toll free at 1-800-392-8070.


FiDO Tip - New Streaming Channels

We’re always adding new content to your FiDO box, like the new streaming channels you can find in the Apps menu. The menu also gives quicker access to favorites like YouTube, Fidelity on Demand, Pandora and Vimeo. Check out the Opera TV store with its hundreds of movies, TV series, games, and sports, kids, nature and travel channels. Then Explore The Sports Feed, Pop Flix Classic Movies, the...


Tech Tip - Wireless Networking

Why choose Fidelity's Wireless Home Networking? We have the latest in modem and WiFi technology featuring an 802.11ac modem/router. This modem/router allows your devices to connect at the highest speeds they are capable of, using a 5 GHz band with minimal interference. Our dual-band modem/routers also feature a 2.4 GHz band for maximum range.

Free Movie Matinee Saturday in New Haven, MO

Fidelity Communications is hosting a free movie matinee for New Haven residents at the Walt Theatre on Saturday, August 20.

The event will feature giveaways and a showing of Ice Age: Collision Course, which follows Scrat's epic pursuit of the elusive acorn that catapults him into the universe where he accidentally sets off a series of cosmic events that transform and threaten the Ice Age...


FiDO Tip - Tutorial Videos

Need help with FiDO? Check out our new tutorial videos on Fidelity on Demand! Just arrow over to Apps on your TV, select Fidelity on Demand or hit the VOD button on your remote. Once it loads, arrow to the Fidelity Local 6 tab, hit OK and select FiDO Video Tutorials. Pick and play the one you want. It’s that easy! More are being added all the time.


Tech Tip - Rebooting Your Set-Top Box

Here's how to reboot your cable set-top box: First, unplug the power cable from the back of the cable box. Wait 30 seconds and then plug it back in. The box will reboot automatically. Then wait for the time or channel to reappear on the front of the cable box and allow the services to reset. Now all you have to do is turn on the TV!


Fidelity Customer Appreciation Contest Giving Away iPad Minis

We value our loyal customers! If you're a Fidelity Internet subscriber, enter our Back to Cool, Back to School sweepstakes for a chance to win 1 of 4 iPad minis being given away during the month of August, absolutely FREE! We're giving away one iPad per week! Click this link for details:


Business Customers Get Boost in Upload Speeds

Thanks to a recent upgrade, Fidelity Communications Business customers with cable modem Internet are now receiving up to twice the Internet upload speeds - at no additional cost.

“This is a ‘thank you’ gesture to our customers,” said Broadband Product Manager Paul Winkeler. “Fast internet is crucial nowadays to running a successful business and faster uploads make them all more...


FiDO Tip - Pausing Live TV

How long can you pause live TV? Up to 2 hours on the main screen, and on up to six channels at the same time! You can accidentally switch channels when paused but FiDO Will continue recording live TV on all of them.


Tech Tip - What HDMI Does

What is HDMI? High-Definition Multimedia Interface adds audio to the older DVI cable technology and is a smaller connector. Most new HDTVs have at least two HDMI inputs, allowing you to connect DVRs, cable boxes, Blu-Ray players and media streaming devices (Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV etc.) to your TV using an HDMI cable. HDMI supports HD television; regular coaxial connections do not.


FiDO Tip-Delete Settings

Does FiDO automatically delete programs when the recording space is full? Only if you set it up that way. Recording options on deleting programs can be set up when you first schedule a series recording or at any time after that. In the Recorded TV menu, go to Scheduler and select the series and then recording options. You can choose keep recordings until space is needed or set them to only be...


Tech Tip - Watching While Recording

Say you’re recording a show on your DVR and want to watch it before the recording is completed. You can either watch it as it’s being recorded or rewind it to the point where you want to start watching, even to the beginning, while the recording continues.

Marketing, Programming News

Upgraded Sports Tier With NFL Redzone Launches August 2

The Fidelity SportsView tier is adding NFL Redzone and expanding to all Fidelity TV markets effective August 2. 

SportsView will grow to 18 primary channels, including NFL Redzone, MLB Strikezone, five ESPN networks, plus Outside TV, One World Sports and TVG2. Redzone was previously offered as a standalone channel for $50 a season, but will now be part of the $7.99 SportsView tier.

At $7.99,...

Marketing, Programming News

Three Channels Moving to Top-Watched MEGAView TV Tier

More Fidelity customers than ever will be able to watch three popular TV networks with their move to Fidelity’s MEGAView lineup on August 2.

OWN, the Outdoor Channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries are changing locations on the TV dial in various markets in Missouri and Arkansas, moving from the MAXView tier to MEGAView in selected service areas. The move makes these channels available in...


FiDO Tip-Using FiDO Jr. Boxes

You know the FiDO DVR Whole Home Solution lets you record up to six shows at once. But what can the other FiDO units in your house do? FiDO Jr. Media Players can also schedule up to six simultaneous recordings while playing back a seventh. The unit offers a compact design and can be discreetly placed out of sight. Its remote control technology does not rely on line-of-sight. FiDO Jr. players...


Tech Tip - Wireless Speeds

Not getting the full speed you're paying for?
The bandwidth you are paying for is delivered to your home and shared by connected devices.The more devices, the less bandwidth there is to go around. The further your device is away from the router, the lower the connectivity strength. If there is any interference within WiFi frequency ranges, slower speeds can result as the broadcast from the...


FiDO Tip-Learning the Remote

Today we focus on learning all about the FiDO remote in this informative new video. Check it out!


Tech Tip - Wireless Router Range

How far will your wireless Internet reach? Most wireless networking equipment has a range of up to 150 feet indoors and 300 feet outdoors. For best results, Fidelity recommends that wireless devices be within 100 feet of the modem. If you have a large home, or a home with thick walls, place the wireless router in a more central location, away from other electronics and any large metal objects....


Free 'Star Wars' Movie Nights Set Friday, Saturday in Sullivan, Owensville

In appreciation of its Sullivan, Owensville and Gerald, MO customers, Fidelity Communications will host a free showing of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" on the big screen in Sullivan and Owensville this weekend. Everyone is welcome.

The Sullivan event is at the local fairgrounds on Friday, July 15. The combined Owensville-Gerald event is at Memorial Baseball Field in Owensville follows on...


FiDO Tip - Channel Filtering

Here's a great new tutorial video about removing channels you don't want to scroll through to find what you want to watch!


Tech Tip - Resetting Modems and Routers

Resetting modems and routers by powering them off is usually the first solution recommended to resolve connectivity or speed problems with your Internet service. But why? Unplugging the modem basically forces a refresh from the main server, updating its settings from the Internet Service Provider. Resetting the router is more like rebooting your computer when it’s running slow. If the...

Marketing, Engineering News

Fidelity Adds Five More Markets to 250 MBPS Launch

Today Fidelity Communications launched a new blazing fast internet package for its customers in Lebanon, MO, Beebe, AR, and Marshall, Carthage and Atlanta, TX.

Fidelity plans to offer the 250 Mbps package in more of its markets later this year. It was launched in Sullivan, West Plains and Harrisonville, MO in May.

Everything about this package is faster. At 250 Mbps, download speeds are double...


Tech Tip - Trouble Hearing on Phone Line

If you're having trouble being heard on incoming and outgoing calls on your modem-connected home phone, check all the connections to make sure they are secure and verify call volume settings are correct. If one phone is having issues, it can cause issues throughout the whole home. Try testing another phone if possible. If you are still having issues after these steps, call the Helpdesk at...


FiDO Tip - Watching YouTube on FiDO

Check out this cool new video on how to screencast YouTube videos from your mobile device directly to your FiDO-equipped TV!


Don't Get Hooked by Phishing Emails

“Phishing” for personal information is rampant on the Internet nowadays. To protect yourself from phishing attempts, here are a few helpful tips and tricks to better identify phishing emails.

• Make sure that the sender is legitimate—even if the email says it is coming from a sender you know. Normally you will see a person's or company's name in the “To” field. But if you hover over...


Tech Tip - Noise on EVS Phone Line

If you're getting a lot of static and noise on your modem-connected phone line, please check all connections to make sure they are secure. If you have multiple phones, unhook all the phones but one and test that phone for noise, which can cause issues throughout the home. Try testing another phone if possible. If you still experience static and noise, call the Helpdesk at 1-800-392-8070 for...


PerfTech System Notifies Customers Online of Past Due Bills

Fidelity cable modem customers whose accounts are past due or suspended will now see notifications in their browser window.

The new Perftech system allows Fidelity to notify customers if their accounts are past due or suspended for non-payment, using full screen messaging and drop down banners. 

A full screen message will go out to suspended non-pay cable modem internet customers.  When a...


Free WiFi at Sullivan Fair, Courtesy of Fidelity Communications

The Meramec Community Fair starts Tuesday in Sullivan, with Fidelity once again providing free WiFi access to all fair-goers.  

The WiFi network will be available on any wireless capable device, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. They only need to find the Fidnet-WiFi network on their device and click on it to connect.

From the next screen, they can log in by using their Facebook or...


FiDO Tip-Using FiDO Fetch

FiDO Fetch lets you watch TV on any connected device, anywhere. This new tutorial video describes how it works!


Tech Tip - Blank Screen on TV

If you're getting a blank screen on your TV, make sure the TV and cable box are turned on and all connections are secure. If there's no power issue, change channels to see if it's blank on all or just one. If the TV is on the correct input, try swapping to a different input method or port to rule out a faulty port. Swap cables to rule out a faulty cable. Try a DVD player or game system to test...


New Content Through Opera TV Store, New Apps Means More TV Viewing Choices

With the addition of new content, the FiDO Whole Home DVR Entertainment System Apps menu and the Opera TV Store now give Fidelity TV customers more choices than ever, including channels like YouTube, Pandora, Vimeo and Newsmax TV in an easy-to-find format.

Several streaming channels have been added at the top of the lineup, starting with The Sports Feed at Channel 1001 and Streaming News...


FiDO Tip - Navigation Tutorial

Want a little help navigating the FiDO DVR interface? Check out this informative new video tutorial!


Fidelity to Host Movie Night for Rolla Residents Saturday Night

Fidelity Communications will host a free outdoor showing of "Finding Nemo" for Rolla residents at Lions Park this Saturday, June 11.

The Disney animated film's plot centers on Marlin, a clown fish who is overly cautious with his son, Nemo. When Nemo is taken from him by a diver, Marlin sets off on a journey to rescue him with help from Dory, a blue tang fish with short term memory loss.

The fun...


FiDO Tip - Hiding Channels

Did you know you can hide TV channels you don’t want to see on the channel list? Hit Menu on your remote and arrow to the Settings tab. Scroll down to Channel List and hit OK. Scroll through the list to find the channels you want to hide and hit OK. Hit OK again to restore them to the list. It’s that easy!


Tech Tip - Troubleshooting Remote Issues

To troubleshoot spotty service with your TV remote control, try these steps:

• Manipulate controls on the front panel of the media player to verify the issue is related to the remote. 

• Check the batteries in the remote and install new batteries if necessary. If the batteries are just low, the cable box may appear to freeze when scrolling up and down through the channels. 

• Check if the...


Fidelity Sponsoring Free Griffons Game Saturday in Nevada

Fidelity Communications will pay for everyone’s tickets to the Nevada Griffons game on Saturday, June 4, at Lyons Stadium.

Game time is 7 p.m. Each family will receive a coupon for $5 in free food and drinks at the concession stand, courtesy of Fidelity. Giveaways and games are also planned. Fidelity T-shirts will be thrown into the crowd and kids can try out the MLB inflatable pitching...


'Finding Nemo' Featured Film at Lebanon Movie Night Friday

Fidelity Communications will host a free showing of "Finding Nemo" on the big screen for Lebanon residents at Boswell Park this Friday, June 3.

The event is to to show appreciation for Lebanon customers.

The Disney animated film's plot centers on Marlin, a clown fish who is overly cautious with his son, Nemo. When Nemo is taken from him by a diver, Marlin sets off on a journey to rescue him....

Tech-Tips, FiDO-Tips

Tech Tip - DVR Recording Tips

Need a little help setting up a DVR recording on FiDO? Check out this great new tutorial video!


Fidelity Warns of Fake Email Sent by Spammers Seeking Personal Information


The email shown here was sent to some of our Fidnet and Fidmail customers over the past couple of weeks. This email is NOT from Fidelity and should be deleted immediately.

Customers who click on the link are being "phished" for personal information. This is just a spam e-mail. We will not be deleting any email accounts.


VOD Button Now Active on FiDO Remote

There's now an easier way to access Fidelity on Demand movies and other programming: the VOD button on your FiDO remote!

Functionality for the button was recently added by Arris, Fidelity's FiDO provider. You can now find Fidelity on Demand content choices any of four ways on FiDO.

1) Use the VOD button.

2) While watching a show, press 999 on the remote. 

3) Scroll up or down to 999 while in the...


FiDO Tip - Programming the Remote

If you ever replace your original FiDO-connected TV or just need to pair/program your remote again, here's a great new tutorial video! Check it out!


West Plains Free Movie Night Moved to Butler Children's Park Inside Peoples Park

Our free movie night is back on at Peoples Park but in a different location. The Parks & Recreation Department is allowing us to hold the event at Butler Children's Park, inside Peoples Park.

The children's park will be the site for kids’ activities, giveaways and a showing of "Finding Nemo" on the big screen at the West Plains Movie Night on Saturday, May 21.

Fidelity Communications is...


Tech Tip - Voicemail Access Numbers

Due to recent equipment conversions, our voicemail access numbers have changed in certain Missouri and Oklahoma markets. To access your voicemail from home, dial *318 and enter your voicemail password.

If you haven't set one up yet, the default password is 1234 and you will be prompted to change your password. Any new messages will be identified and played. Then you’ll hear the Voicemail Main...

Marketing, Programming News

New KTUI Simulcast Offers New Options for Sports Broadcasts

Listeners of KTUI Radio in Sullivan, MO will see immediate benefits from a new FM simulcast of KTUI now on the air.  

The new 94.1 FM provides a simulcast of KTUI AM 1560 programming during the day and a place to air Sullivan High School sports at night. That’s good news for listeners who enjoy St. Louis Cardinals baseball broadcasts on KTUI 102.1 FM.

Until now, Sullivan Eagles football...

Marketing, Programming News

BBC America Returns to Fidelity MAXView Lineup May 17

BBC America is back! Fidelity Communications is relaunching the popular channel May 17 and expanding carriage of BBC World, IFC and WE tv throughout all of its systems in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. The channels will be carried on Fidelity’s MAXView tier.

Geared toward American audiences, BBC America offers the best in British entertainment and groundbreaking U.S....


FiDO Tip - Resolution Settings

For the best picture quality on your FiDO-connected TV, make sure your resolution settings match your TV type. In Menu, arrow over to Settings and select TV Setup. On a full HD TV, turn on the 1080i and 1080p 24hz, 30hz and 60hz settings. On a 720p HDTV, turn on 720p. On older, non-HD TVs, select only 480i. Select OK on the confirmation screen. A blank or scrambled image means your TV doesn't...


Tech Tip - Setting Up Mini HD Box

Here's a video on setting up your Mini HD box. If you still have questions after watching it, contact our Helpdesk at 1-888-463-1924. 


Fidelity Warns of New 'Phishing' Emails Sent by Spammers

The emails shown here and several variants have been repeatedly sent to our Fidnet and Fidmail customers over the past couple of weeks. These emails are NOT from Fidelity and should be deleted immediately.

Customers that have clicked on the link have reported that it takes them to strange web sites featuring all different types of languages. This is just a spam e-mail attempting to “phish”...


KTUI Morning Show Goes Live in HD

The KTUI Morning Show, a staple on local radio for decades, is now available live on Fidelity TV Channel 406 in high definition from 6-9 a.m. weekdays.

Previously available on Fidelity Channel 95 in the Sullivan, Owensville, New Haven and Gerald, MO areas, the Morning Show moved to Fidelity Local 6 several months ago in standard definition (SD). Being on Channel 406 will expand its reach to...

Tech-Tips, FiDO-Tips

Tech Tip - FiDO Fetch

Setting up FiDO Fetch is as easy as using the Arris Follow Me TV app. Once you subscribe to Fetch and get the box (shown here) installed, download the app onto your device from the iTunes or Android store. Pair it with FiDO by going into TV Settings (Press the menu button and arrow left on the FiDO remote to Settings) selecting Mobile App and entering the pairing code on your device. Once...


FiDO Tip - Skipping Through Recordings

The Skip button on your FiDO remote does more than let you skip commercials in your recorded programs! You can skip entire sections of a show to help find the part you want to watch. Push Menu and arrow over to Settings, select Skip and your options will appear to the right. You can skip 30 seconds, 3 minutes, 5 minutes or 15 minutes of any recorded show. Hit OK to pick a duration and you're...


Free Phone Offer for New Residential Voice Customers in Fidelity Markets

Effective immediately, new customers who sign up for Fidelity Home Phone Service will receive a free phone.

The offer is good in Fidelity Communications markets in all five states we serve: Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana.

The RCA Slimline Telephone features Call Waiting/Caller ID, Amplified Handset Volume, Enhanced Visual Ring Indicator, Backlight LCD Display, Audible Numbers...


Fidelity Launches 250 MBPS Internet in Three Markets

Fidelity Communications has launched a new blazing fast 250 Mbps internet package for its customers in Sullivan, West Plains and Harrisonville, MO, effective May 1.

At 250 Mbps, download speeds are double the top current offering of 125 Mbps. And for customers seeking better upload speeds, the new package offers 10 Mbps upload speed—perfect for gamers or people sending and receiving large...


FiDO Tip - Super Ticker

Watching a show on FiDO and want to get the latest weather? Hit Menu and arrow right or left to Super Ticker, then hit OK. The ticker will start running at the bottom of the screen, starting with current weather, plus a variety of choices you can scroll through including news, sports, business, world, stock market, etc. To turn off the ticker, hit Menu twice and OK to return to your show, or...


Fidelity Gearing Up for Free Movie Nights in Several Communities

The Fidelity Communications Marketing team will be traveling to several towns this year for free outdoor showings of "Finding Nemo" and "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" on a 20-foot screen. The movie nights are to show appreciation for customers in those communities.

The first event is set for Salem (MO) City park on Friday, May 13, followed by Peoples Park in West Plains, MO, on Saturday, May...

Tech-Tips, FiDO-Tips

Tech Tip - Using App to Stream Live TV

To pair your device with FiDO to stream live TV, go to the iTunes or Google Play app store and download the Arris Follow Me TV app. Press the menu button and arrow left on the FiDO remote to Settings. Select Mobile App and Add on the right hand side for a pairing code to enter into the Arris Follow Me TV app to pair the app and FiDO together. You should now be able to stream live TV and watch...


Fidelity Customers Report Receiving ‘Phishing’ Email

A few Fidelity customers have reported receiving a suspicious email in the past week. This email was not sent by Fidelity Communications or its Helpdesk.

The spam email from "" says we are deleting all old accounts to create more space for new accounts. They're told to click a link and update their information to prevent their account from being closed. None of this is...


FiDO Tip - Free TV on Demand

Fidelity on Demand is more than just movies you can rent. It also features shows from 15 different TV networks, all for free. Just enter 999 on your FiDO remote and hit OK to launch the app, then scroll down to the bottom of the page for the TV tab. Select a network, a show and follow the prompts!


Customer Care Dons New Shirts as Team Building Exercise

Four Fidelity Customer Care departments recently ordered special themed T-shirts as a team building exercise to bring them closer together while also expressing their own sense of individuality. The Contact Center, Helpdesk, Service Center and Business Admin departments all chose different colors with their theme on the back of the shirts.

For example, the Contact Center selected “Customer...


FiDO Tip - Playing Games

Want to play a game on FiDO? Arrow sideways to the Game card, select a game and hit OK, then follow the prompts to launch the game. To play, use left, right, up, down and OK keys to make your choices. Some games, like Solitaire, Bowling and Bubble Blast, will allow you to keep watching a show you were already watching, re-sized in the upper right hand corner. Just hit the re-size key on your...


FiDO Tip - Using Search

The FiDO Search feature lets you easily locate programs to record or find when they're showing! Hit Menu and arrow over to Search. You can search by Title by typing in a few letters, by Category by selecting Movies, Sports, Comedy, Children, Documentaries etc., or by Keyword. Scroll up and down to find a program and hit OK to select and then choose Record Once, Record Series, add to Favorites...


Tech Tip - Changing Router Settings

If you have Fidelity wireless service, you can pull up a webpage to change your settings. Type in the url address bar and it will take you to a login page. The username will be admin and the password is password. Once you log in, you'll be able to change the settings on the router, including the network name (SSID) and wireless password to access it!


March Mania Concludes With Salem Fidelity Customer Taking First Place

With Kris Jenkins hitting a buzzer-beating three-pointer to win the national title for Villanova, the Fidelity Communications Pick-It March Mania concluded Monday night with Niki Edwards of Salem, MO atop the leaderboard.

Out of nearly 100 participants, Edwards earned the most points in the contest with 810 and was awarded her choice of a $100 Fidelity bill credit or a $75 Amazon gift card....


FiDO Tip - Priority Recording

Want to make sure your favorite series gets recorded? Arrow over to Recorded TV. Choose Scheduler, then arrow over to Scheduled Series. Find your favorite show on the list of scheduled recordings. Choose Change Priority and highlight and select the number 1. Now you don’t have to worry. Your favorite show is the number one priority to be recorded!


March Mania Drawing To A Close

The end of Fidelity Communications March Mania is upon us. The Final Four starts Saturday night.

With only 3 games remaining in the tournament, lots of points are up for grabs in the last two rounds!

You can visit the site to see your bracket at any time using the link in the "Welcome to the Tournament" email you received when you registered.

View the leaderboard at to...


Tech Tip - Phone Modem Connection

If your home phone has no dial tone, be sure that you have it plugged into the Tel 1 port (shown at left below) on the back of your modem and that the connections are secure. If you still do not have a dial tone, please contact our Helpdesk at 1-888-463-1924.


FiDO Tip - Filter Channels

FiDO filters programming for you in a number of ways. Arrow across the Menu screen for Favorites, HD, Movies, Sports, Kids and News, as well as Recorded TV, Pay Per View and TV Music. For example, the news filter card shows all the various news programs that are available at that moment. This method of search beats browsing through hundreds of channels to find what you’re looking for!


Tech Tip - Dual Band Wireless

If you have a Fidelity dual band modem/router combo, you have two options for Wi-Fi, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The 5 GHz band has a shorter range compared to the 2.4 GHz and supports only newer devices. If your devices won't be too far from the modem, use the 5 GHz channel. It has less radio traffic and will be stronger and more stable. You can use more distant devices on the 2.4 band.


Fidelity Team Takes Part in Race to Rocker

Missouri Team Fidelity members participated in the four-mile Race to the Rocker run Saturday from downtown Cuba, MO to the World's Largest Rocker at the Fanning Route 66 Outpost in Fanning, MO.

Participants were also encouraged to bring gently worn tennis shoes for Soles for Souls, personal hygiene items for Friday backpacks and/or canned goods for the local Ministerial Alliance to distribute...


FiDO Tip - Free FiDO App

The free FiDO app lets you search, record and manage all your favorite shows from your Apple or Android device. Record your favorite shows and watch them from anywhere on your phone or tablet! Search for "ARRIS Whole Home Solution" in the GooglePlay or Apple AppStore.


Tech Tip - Update Time on Box

It's Tech Tip Thursday! If you notice your FiDO box's timing is off for your programs, here's how to update it to the correct time. Press the Menu button on your remote, arrow over to Settings, then scroll to Channel List, then press the Next and Back buttons on the remote alternatively a few times. The diagnostics menu should pop up and you can arrow down to select Update Resources. After...


Deadline March 18 for PRIMO Scholarship Applications

The deadline is fast approaching for three $500 scholarships being offered through Fidelity Communications from PRIMO (Public Relations Independent Marketing Organization).

All applications must be completed and submitted to Fidelity by March 18, 2016.  Students can drop off or mail applications to Fidelity Communications PRIMO Scholarship, Attn: Craig Montgomery, 64 N. Clark, Sullivan, MO ...


FiDO Tip - Creating a PIN

To set up Parental Controls for purchasing movies on Fidelity on Demand, create a 4-digit PIN. Press OK to My Account. Highlight menu to Create PIN and Press OK. Use the up and down arrow buttons to Create Your PIN. To change your PIN, press OK to My Account. Highlight menu to Change PIN and Press OK. Enter your PIN when prompted.


Tech Tip - Phone Feature Access

New phone customers in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and parts of Missouri can access phone features from the web. Simply log into with your username and password to access phone features and voicemails! Residential customers use their home phone number as a username and a password set up when they got phone service. Business customers use their email as a username and their...


FiDO Tip - Recorded TV List

If you arrow across to the Recorded TV menu, all recorded and currently-recording shows are listed in alphabetical order. Episodes of a series are grouped into folders, and you can see the individual episodes in the preview panel to the right!


Tech Tip - Cable Freezing in DSL Areas

If you're a DSL customer and notice your cable is freezing or getting bad reception, unplug your modem and all of your cable boxes at the same time. Leave them unplugged for a minute and then plug your modem back in first, then all the cable boxes. After the cable reloads, your reception issues should be resolved. If not, please contact our Helpdesk at 1-888-463-1924.


Pre-Register Now for Fidelity's Pick-It March Mania Basketball Contest

The NCAA Basketball Tournament is just around the corner with college teams gearing up for a run at the national title. This year, Fidelity Communications is offering everyone a way to win prizes by correctly filling out a winning bracket.

Pre-register now for the Fidelity Communications Pick-It March Mania college basketball contest. By entering, you can follow all the March Madness, compete...


FiDO Tip - TV on Demand

To watch free TV shows on demand on FiDO, enter 999 for the channel number and press OK to launch Fidelity on Demand. Arrow to the bottom of the page and select TV to view available channels. Select a channel and arrow to the series you want. Select the series and arrow to the desired episode, select and hit Play Now. It will start playing immediately!


Fidelity Communications Steps Up as Key Sponsor of Pro Wrestling Benefit in Marshall, Texas

Fidelity Communications has stepped up as a Platinum Sponsor of the Main Event Pro Wrestling Show set for Saturday night, Feb. 27, in Marshall, TX.

The show is a fundraiser for the East Texas Open Door (ETOD) Residential Treatment Center for Children, with all concessions proceeds and a portion of ticket sales donated to the program.

ETOD helps disadvantaged children with educational services,...


Tech Tip - Point Anywhere Remote

If your mini HD box is not visible and you can't change your channels or volume, grab your cable remote and point it directly at the cable box. Push the Menu button, go to general setup, arrow over to pair remote, then follow the directions to pair it to the digital adapter on your TV. This will allow you to use your remote without having to point it directly at the cable box.


FiDO Tip - Searching for Movies

Once you launch FiDO’s Fidelity On Demand screen, you can search for a movie by scrolling through movie posters or by keyword. To search by keyword, select the Search button at the bottom of the screen and use the keypad to enter the first few letters of the movie title. Scroll through titles to find the movie you want. Then press OK to display the details and Rental/Play Now to launch the...


Tech Tip - Sound Issue

 If the sound is not coming through on your TV channels, regardless of what kind of Fidelity box you use, grab your branded remote that came with the TV (like Samsung or Sony) and press the SAP or MTS button to bring the sound back. If that doesn't work, contact our Helpdesk at 1-888-463-1924.


FiDO Tip - Resume Playback on Rentals

If you rent a movie On Demand on FiDO, you have 48 hours to watch it. You can pause and resume playback at any time within that 48 hours. To resume a paused movie, scroll to My Account on the bottom bar and select My Rentals. Use the arrow keys to find your movie, press OK for details, then follow the prompts until Resume Play appears. It's that easy!


FiDO Tip - Renting Movies

It's easy to rent On Demand movies on FiDO. From live TV, go to channel 999 to see the gallery view of movies. Using your remote, arrow right at the top to pick a category, like New Releases, and arrow down then left or right to pick a movie. Press OK and then Rental. Follow the prompts and it will start playing immediately!


Tech Tip - WatchTVEverywhere

Did you know Fidelity has a WatchTVEverywhere app? Go to, click on the Television tab, then click WatchTVEverywhere. Once you register your account, just download the app you want to use to watch shows on your devices!


KTUI Radio Celebrates 50th Anniversary

KTUI Radio celebrated its 50th anniversary Friday with a live radio and TV remote in Sullivan, where it first went on the air on February 14, 1966. Many Fidelity employees and Sullivan residents came by to join in the celebration. Longtime radio personality John Rice conducted on-air interviews, including office manager Wilma Scott reminiscing about her almost 50 years at the station....


Tech Tip - Mini HD Volume Issue

If you have a mini HD box and still can't hear sound when you maximize the volume, here's a Tech Tip Thursday fix. At the bottom left corner of your Fidelity remote, press and hold the setup button until the light at the top turns from red to green. Press the volume up button once, then turn the volume up. It should be working now.


KTUI Radio to Celebrate 50 Years on February 12

KTUI Radio will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a live remote in Sullivan, MO on Friday, February 12.

The event runs from 7:30 to 10 a.m. at the Northside Reception Hall, 205 N. Clark, and will be broadcast live on KTUI AM and Fidelity Channel 95. The public is invited to come by for refreshments and giveaway items.

Scheduled to make appearances are longtime KTUI personality John Rice,...


FiDO Tip - Simple Navigation

FiDO is all about simple, intuitive navigation. Hit menu and use left and right arrow keys to scroll through the various choices. Find a category you want, like Channels, and it’s just a simple up and down to browse through them. Find a show and hit OK!


Fidelity Communications Increases Broadband Speed Offerings

Effective January 1, 2016, Fidelity cable modem Internet customers experienced an increase in download speeds at no additional charge.

Customers with 20 Megabits per second (Mbps) service increased to 25 Mbps, while customers with 60 Mbps service went to 75 Mbps. Our highest speed offering of 100 Mbps advanced to 125 Mbps.

All current cable modem customers, business and residential, on these...


Tech Tip - Slow Internet Speeds

 If your speeds are slower than they should be using your own wireless router, bypass it and run a speed test. Connect an ethernet cord to the Arris modem Fidelity provides and plug the other end directly into your computer. If your speeds are faster, it's an issue with your router. If your speeds are still slow, contact our Helpdesk at 1-888-463-1924 for assistance.


Halftime Shootouts at West Plains Games Sponsored by Fidelity Communications

A series of West Plains Zizzers basketball halftime shootouts at upcoming home games are being sponsored by Fidelity Communications as a way to show support for the local community.

Spectators who participate can win prizes by making different types of shots from the basketball court during halftime. To enter, they place their names in a pool at the ticket counter when entering WPHS gymnasium. ...


Fidelity to Conduct Automated Customer Satisfaction Survey

Tonight around 6 p.m., Fidelity will conduct an automated phone survey of around 25 percent of its customers. This will be a customer satisfaction survey to find out how well Fidelity is doing as a company and as employees, as well as how reliable our services are and how well they meet the customer’s needs. 

If the auto survey goes to voice mail, it will leave a message on the voice mail or...


FiDO Tip - Menu Button

Watching a show on FiDO and want something different? Press the Menu button on your remote to see all available channels. You’ll see station information and how much time is left in the show selected. Touch the right arrow key to scroll through the Coming Up menu. You can plan your night’s viewing or schedule FiDO to record any of these shows!


Tech Tip - Temperature Changes

Did you know that temperature changes can actually affect your services? Don't worry! We have line techs out in the field constantly balancing services to prevent any service interruption! So if your TV pixelates or, in extreme cases, your Internet slows down, rest assured we're working to fix the problem!


FiDO Tip - Recording Basics

With FiDO you can record up to six shows at once! To record a series, first press the grid button on your remote. Find the program you want to record and press OK on your remote, then select record once or record series, with the OK button. You're all set!


Tech Tip - Overheated HD Box

If you notice your mini HD box is getting warmer than normal, unplug the box from the power for about 5-10 minutes. Also be sure it's in a well ventilated area. If it continues to overheat, contact our HelpDesk at1-888-463-1924 because the box may need to be replaced.


Fidelity Local 6 Launches HD Channel in Marshall, TX

Fidelity Local 6 this week launched a high definition locally produced and operated cable channel in the Marshall, Texas market.

Launched January 5, the Marshall station is the fourth HD local origination channel for Fidelity, which also serves markets in Missouri and Arkansas.

Marshall Video Production Manager Kari Blurton previously worked at a local cable channel for Eagle Communications in...

Marketing, Programming News

Fidelity Reaches Agreement With AMC Networks

Fidelity Communications has reached an agreement with AMC Networks that will keep popular shows like “The Walking Dead” airing on its cable TV systems, the company announced today. Terms of the agreement are not disclosed at this time.

Negotiations went down to the wire Dec. 31 and continued into the new year before a deal was struck. The agreement will keep AMC Networks in the Fidelity...


FiDO Tip - On Demand

You can find Fidelity on Demand movies any of three ways on FiDO. While watching a show, press 999 on the remote. Or you can scroll up or down to 999 while in the channel filter screen. Or from Menu, arrow over to FiDO Apps and select Fidelity on Demand! It's that easy!


Tech Tip - Unpaired Remote

If your Mini HD remote has unpaired from your TV, hold the setup button on your remote until the LED light on top turns from red to green. Press the letter A, then press the channel up button repeatedly until your TV turns off. Then press the setup button once. Your remote should now be paired!


FiDO Tip - Recording Schedule

Want to see what your FiDO DVR is set to record? Press menu and arrow over to the Recorded TV filter to see scheduled recordings with one touch. You can scroll through all of them to see and alter all the set recordings by clicking OK. It’s that easy!


Tech Tip - No Signal

 If you are receiving "No Signal" on your TV screen, pick up your TV remote and find the input or source button. Make sure the TV is on Channel 3. Press input/source and go through each option on your input list—choices like Component and HDMI 1—until you get your picture back!


FiDO Tip - Flip Bar

If you’re watching a channel on FiDO and want to see what’s coming up next, clicking the UP key will bring up the flip bar on the bottom of the screen. On the right you’ll see what’s next. Arrow right and record, once or the whole series, by clicking OK.


Tech Tip - Closed Caption Controls

To turn your closed caption on/off on your mini HD box, grab the remote and press the orange menu button. Arrow down to "closed caption" and arrow over to the right to custom and off. Turn it on by going to "custom" and pressing OK. Turn if off by going to "off" and pressing OK.


FiDO Tip - True Whole Home DVR

With FiDO you get true whole home DVR functionality! Start watching a recorded show in the living room, hit stop, and pick up right where you left off in the bedroom or any other room with a FiDO player! And with six tuners, you can record up to six shows at once for later viewing!


Tech Tip - Holiday Lights & WiFi

Did you know that holiday lights may interfere with WiFi signals? If you're having issues with your WiFi, try moving your modem away from any lighted holiday decorations inside your home, like on the tree, a lighted wreath or other illuminated decor.


Deadline Friday for Lawton Office Toy Drive

Friday is the deadline to donate to the Fidelity Communications Lawton business office Christmas toy drive benefitting local charities to assure many children of a better Christmas.

Anyone donating a $15 toy, $15 gift card or the cash equivalent will be entered in a drawing for free Fidelity services, including a grand prize of 60 MEG cable modem Internet service for a year.

Other prizes...


FiDO Tip - Adjust LED Brightness

One setting allows you to adjust the brightness of the LED lights on the front panel of your FiDO HD/DVR. In Settings, scroll to Front Panel and click OK. Select the brightness level, from high to medium to low or off. It’s that simple!


Tech Tip - Autotune Channels

Tired of entering 3 digits for a 1-digit channel on your Motorola cable box? Set up Auto Tune by pressing the Menu button twice, select Setup, then TV Guide Setup, then Auto Tune! You can now enter Channel 3 as 3 instead of 003, for example.


Fidelity Communications Launches New Web Site

Welcome to our newly revamped Fidelity Communications web site! We’re trying to provide a better customer experience by making the site mobile friendly and accessible by the device of your choice!

It also features a more modern look, online ordering that’s more user-friendly, plus a blog, an expanded business section and more videos like the Fidelity Roundup.

On this new site, you can easily...


Fidelity Donates FiDO DVR Sales to Animal Shelters

Fidelity Communications recently partnered with local animal shelters in its various markets to contribute a percentage of all new FiDO Whole Home DVR sales to pets in need for the month of October.

Based on over 400 October FiDO sales, Fidelity is donating $100 per shelter in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. Fidelity began offering the FiDO Whole Home DVR Experience to...


Tech Tip - Channel/Time Display

Here's how to change what displays on the front of your Motorola cable box (if you have that brand). Press menu twice, select setup, select cable box setup, then select either current channel or current time! It's that simple!


Christmas Toy Drive A Tradition at Lawton Business Office

Our Lawton business office is once again hosting a Christmas toy drive to help local charities assure many unserved children of a better Christmas.

The drive runs through Dec. 18. Anyone donating a $15 toy, $15 gift card or the cash equivalent will be entered in a drawing for free Fidelity services, including a grand prize of 60 MEG cable modem Internet service for a year. The Lawton office...


Tech Tip - No Dial Tone

If you have no dial tone on your home phone, a short in the lines may be the cause. Unplug all but one phone and see if the dial tone returns. If that doesn't work, call the Help Desk at 1-888-463-1924 for further troubleshooting.


FiDO Tip - 5102 Error Code

Here's how to get rid of a 5102 error code on your FiDO box. If you get this code with a message saying "an error occurred during media playback" and to check connectivity, first check your cabling connections to ensure they're secure. If no change, unplug the Media Gateway and all of the players for 60 seconds. This should resolve the issue.


Do You Watch AMC Networks? Your Opinion Counts!

We're conducting a survey regarding AMC Networks and your TV viewing behaviors. Your input would be appreciated and valued as we move forward in the network contract negotiation. Thank you for your business and participation!


Employees Recall Decades of Change As Fidelity Celebrates 75th Anniversary Part 1

Recent retiree Harriet Kwast remembers when Fidelity President John T. Davis sold operator services to ConTel in 1988. “He negotiated a job for all the operators if they chose to take it,” she recalled.“It was just awesome that he did that for us. And we didn’t lose any pay by moving.”

Fidelity had its own operators for decades, eventually handling toll calls as well starting in 1970....

Marketing, Engineering News

Employees Recall Decades of Change As Fidelity Celebrates 75th Anniversary Part 2

Bill Carr, who started with Fidelity in 1949, remembers the days of electromechanical switching when you hand-cranked your magneto phone to call your neighbor or an operator.

“I was there during the cranking days when you had several parties on the line,” he laughed. “Back then it was an open wire, single pair that went from Sullivan to Spring Bluff with 16 parties on the line. And when...

Marketing, Engineering News

Employees Recall Decades of Change As Fidelity Celebrates 75th Anniversary Part 3

Tim Riggs will never forget the kindness and support shown him by the Davis family, which owns Fidelity, after he was seriously injured on the job in August 1995.

While extending cable in Rolla in a hydraulic bucket, he accidentally grabbed an electrified guy wire and wound up falling 25 feet to the pavement below. His back was broken in two places and he later lost his right hand after an...


FiDO Tip - LED Brightness

One setting allows you to adjust the brightness of the LED lights on the front panel of your FiDO HD/DVR. In Settings, scroll to Front Panel and click OK. Select the brightness level, from high to medium to low or off. 


Tech Tip - Fill Your Screen

Have a Fidelity mini HD box and your TV picture isn't filling the screen? Press Menu on your cable remote, scroll down to HDMI setup, arrow over to aspect ratio, and select the settings that best fit your TV screen! Typically, 1080i Wide is a good start!


FiDO Tip - Adding Favorites

Here's how to add your favorite channels on FiDO! Hit menu on the remote, go the channel you want, hit info, and on the right side you will see "add item to favorites." Press OK and it will be in your favorites list for easy access. It's that simple!


FiDO Tip - Set Up Recording

To set up a recording, cruise through the channels, find a show you like, then scroll right to select an episode. Hit OK to tell it to record a future episode or to record the whole series! Select the show and hit OK again to cancel the recording.


Tech Tip - Slow WiFi

If you're experiencing slow wi-fi internet speeds, take an ethernet cord and plug the device directly into your modem, then go to to see what speed you are pulling. This will give you the true speed. Wireless speeds lessen in transmission to your device and don't tell the true speed coming from your provider.


FiDO Tip - Start, Stop Recording Early

Don’t miss a second of your favorite show with FiDO. Open up your series recording; recording options are on the right. Click OK and you can scroll through each setting and change it. Under start, you can start recording 1 to 5 minutes early and do the same to stop it up to 60 minutes late.


Tech Tip - Non-Responsive Remote

Is the remote to your mini HD box not responding? Press and hold the setup button until the light turns green, then enter 987. Give it 5 minutes and it should start responding again! For more troubleshooting, call 1-888-463-1924.


FiDO Tip - Check Recordings

Here’s a FiDO tip for checking out stuff you've already recorded on FiDO! Hit the DVR button at the upper left on the remote. Recorded programs show up in gold. To watch, hit OK. If it's a series, arrow to the right to select the episode you want, then hit OK! 


Tech Tip - Box Swap

If you are having trouble with a Fido Jr. box, try moving it to a room where another Jr. box is already set up. Swap them out and see if the box works there. This will determine if it is a box issue or outlet issue!


FiDO Tip - Search for Shows

Here’s a FiDO Friday tip for finding and recording shows! Arrow over to Search and select Search by Title. Enter letters to narrow the search, like NC for NCIS. Shows appear on left. Scroll to select, push the OK button and tell it to record one time, as a series etc. FiDO confirms with a clock symbol. 


FiDO Tip - Adding Storage

Here’s a FiDO Friday tip on storing your favorites shows! Bring up the FiDO menu/settings/storage info to see how much space is left on the 500GB hard drive. Need more? Customers can add an external hard drive, increasing storage as much as 2.5 terabytes. That’s 2500GB!


FiDO Tip - Skip Commercials

Hate watching commercials? Use the skip button on your FiDO remote to blow past them on recorded shows! The default setting is 30 seconds every time you hit "skip". You can also skip 3, 5 or 15 minutes of any recorded program! 


FiDO Tip - Grid Guide

Here's a FiDO tip! If you prefer a more traditional way to look at available programming, activate the Grid Guide in Settings! Once enabled, you can launch the Grid Guide from just about anywhere in FiDO by pressing the red “c” button on your remote! Press Menu to escape the grid. It’s that easy!

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