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Employees Recall Decades of Change As Fidelity Celebrates 75th Anniversary Part 1

  • Posted by Blog Administrator - November 20, 2015

Recent retiree Harriet Kwast remembers when Fidelity President John T. Davis sold operator services to ConTel in 1988. “He negotiated a job for all the operators if they chose to take it,” she recalled.“It was just awesome that he did that for us. And we didn’t lose any pay by moving.”

Fidelity had its own operators for decades, eventually handling toll calls as well starting in 1970. Kwast remembers the old cord boards where many incoming calls were completed by plugging into the board. Harriet started at Fidelity in 1979.

“We had 13 towns. The light would come on from, say, Owensville, and they’d ask for someone in Gerald.  We’d plug it into Gerald and dial the number for them,” she said. Callers could also dial directly. “We also used the switchboard to set off fire alarms. The lights at the top were for long distance if someone wanted to call St. Louis or even overseas.”

When the decision was made to move to ConTel, “All the Fidelity girls went in as operators,” Kwast said. “We all excelled up there. I ended up in management and the other girls all advanced to higher positions.ConTel was really impressed with our skills and how we handled customers. I worked there 11 years.”

Eventually ConTel was sold and Kwast returned to Fidelity in1999, where she worked another 16 years as a Business Admin CSR before retiring Oct. 1. But she has fond memories of being an operator here during the 1980s.“Those were my best years,” she said. “It was pretty exciting.”

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