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Fidelity Launches 250 MBPS Internet in Three Markets

  • Posted by Blog Administrator - May 3, 2016

Fidelity Communications has launched a new blazing fast 250 Mbps internet package for its customers in Sullivan, West Plains and Harrisonville, MO, effective May 1.

At 250 Mbps, download speeds are double the top current offering of 125 Mbps. And for customers seeking better upload speeds, the new package offers 10 Mbps upload speed—perfect for gamers or people sending and receiving large data files. 

“Fidelity prides itself on offering a variety of internet package options to meet all customer needs, starting at 25 Mbps,” said Broadband Product Manager Paul Winkeler. “And with the shift in internet usage, it isn’t just about quick downloads anymore.  It’s about how many devices are connected at one time and how much throughput you have with your internet package. Higher speeds support more devices and provide better throughput.”

The faster broadband also fuels Fidelity’s Watch TV Everywhere service, which allows TV customers to watch select channels on multiple mobile devices wherever they go. Fidelity’s Digital TV offering couldn’t be more convenient. 

Fidelity requires no contract, offers free installation and has no data caps, unlike many of its competitors. For more information, go to or call 1-800-392-8070.

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