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New KTUI Simulcast Offers New Options for Sports Broadcasts

  • Posted by Blog Administrator - May 17, 2016

Listeners of KTUI Radio in Sullivan, MO will see immediate benefits from a new FM simulcast of KTUI now on the air.  

The new 94.1 FM provides a simulcast of KTUI AM 1560 programming during the day and a place to air Sullivan High School sports at night. That’s good news for listeners who enjoy St. Louis Cardinals baseball broadcasts on KTUI 102.1 FM.

Until now, Sullivan Eagles football pre-empted Cardinals broadcasts starting in September.

Trips to postseason play the last five years have pushed the Cardinals season into mid-to-late October, increasing scheduling conflicts with football. Having an alternative option with 94.1 also opens up 102.1 FM for other schools once the Cardinals are done playing.

Sullivan football will remain on 94.1 FM after baseball ends and can also be used for St. Louis Blues hockey or Mizzou football when those broadcasts conflict with baseball. For example, this week’s Blues games in the conference finals will air on 94.1 while the Cardinals are playing on 102.1 FM.

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