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Tech Tip - Troubleshooting Remote Issues

  • Posted by Blog Administrator - June 2, 2016

To troubleshoot spotty service with your TV remote control, try these steps:

• Manipulate controls on the front panel of the media player to verify the issue is related to the remote. 

• Check the batteries in the remote and install new batteries if necessary. If the batteries are just low, the cable box may appear to freeze when scrolling up and down through the channels. 

• Check if the room has compact-type fluorescent light bulbs. If yes, consider replacing them with a different type of bulbs. Fluorescent lights flicker at the same frequency as remotes and can interfere with the normal infared operation. 

• If the affected TV is in direct sunlight, move it to a place where it is not hit by direct sunlight. 

• Place the cable boxes further away from the TV. 

• The interference may decrease or disappear 5-15 minutes after TV has been on for a while. Wait and see if this resolves the issue.

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