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FiDO Tip - Tips Tab

  • Posted by Blog Administrator - October 7, 2016

Another way to find useful information about FiDO is the Tips tab in Settings. Click on Tips and you'll find categories like Recording Icons and Remote Shortcuts. Use the Next button on your remote to move through the illustrations page by page. It's easy!

10/13 It's Tech Tip Thursday! Another key to optimizing your wireless Internet speed is a strong password. If your network password is too simple, it’s like an invitation for hackers, or even neighbors, to steal your signal. If you’re using your own router, change the password to something difficult to guess.

Tips for doing this include substituting numbers and symbols for vowels in a word, like R3it3r&tion, or other word-number-symbol combinations only you can remember. Or start with the first letter of each word in a memorable phrase. The best passwords are eight characters or longer. Just be creative!


It's FiDO Tip Friday! Scheduled a game recording but don't want to miss the end if it goes overtime? Go to the Scheduler in the Recorded TV tab and find your scheduled recording. Select it and hit Recording Options, then select Stop. Here you can extend a recording up to 90 minutes!


With Fidelity's Watch TV Everywhere, if you are a Fidelity TV customer, you can watch certain channels and shows on a tablet, phone, laptop or computer anywhere you want to take it. If you can connect to the Internet, you can watch TV Everywhere. To access Watch TV Everywhere channels, you must get that channel as a part of your programming package. All you have to do is register. Here's a link:

10/21 Need more storage space for recordings on your FiDO box? Attach a DVR-capable external hard drive. It must be an eSATA drive with an eSATA port to connect to the FiDO Gateway. Look for “DVR” in the name and “eSATA” in the description. A regular USB hard drive won’t work. Once you connect using an eSATA cable, FiDO will format the new drive for storage. Some popular brands include iOmega and Samsung. Western Digital makes a My DVR Expander model as well.

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