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Fidelity Launches 250 Mbps Internet in Hardy, AR Area

  • Posted by Blog Administrator - December 16, 2016

Ready for life in the fast lane? Fidelity Communications has launched a new blazing fast 250 Mbps internet package for its customers in Hardy, Highland and Cherokee Village, AR.

The new download speeds are double the top current offering of 125 Mbps. For customers seeking better upload speeds, the new package also offers 10 Mbps upload speed—ideal for gamers or people sending and receiving large data files. 

Major improvements were made to Fidelity's internet service in the Hardy area in late October, resulting in more robust and consistent services and paving the way for the 250 Mbps launch.

The upgrades included new equipment and rebuilding parts of the communications infrastructure. They were needed to keep up with rapid growth and demand for more bandwidth.

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