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United Way Tops $1.7 Million in Donations With Fidelity's Help

  • Posted by Blog Administrator - December 7, 2016

The Franklin County Area United Way topped $1.7 million in funding for local agencies and programs in its 2016 campaign, with help from companies like Fidelity Communications.

In August, Fidelity Communications was named a pilot company for its 2016 fundraising campaign by the county United Way’s board of directors. 

During the campaign, employees came through with $2,358 in donations. A $500 employer match brought the grand total to $2,858. The company received a certificate of appreciation for its efforts.

The Franklin County Area United Way (FCAUW) provides funding to 54 agencies and programs in the county, affecting nearly 70,000 people in 2015. Support allocated to all communities totaled $900,000 in 2015, with $104,158 going to Sullivan, affecting almost 5,000 residents.

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