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What You Need to Know About Reliable Internet in Small Towns

  • Posted by Blog Administrator - January 24, 2018

You’ve been there. It’s been a long day. You woke up early, sat in traffic for at least an hour, spent the next nine working too hard at your demanding job, and all you want to do is get home, make a good supper, and finally get caught up on the last two episodes of Supernatural.

Then it happens. Out goes the Internet. Again. So, you get back up and call the company.

Operator. Agent. REP-RE-SEN-TA-TIVE! It’s the dreaded “Can I PLEASE just talk to a human being” experience that would have anyone grinding their teeth.

When you finally get ahold of someone with a pulse, they tell you someone will be out to fix it next week. Now you have to catch up on four episodes.

You’re fed-up with fighting for the attention of your major ISP, and you’re tired of paying for service that works only half of the time.

But before you throw in the towel, let me say one thing:

There IS a better service provider and you CAN have reliable Internet in your town.

It’s time you switch to your local Internet Service Provider.

Here’s why:

  • Local companies support local business and more jobs for your community!
  • Local companies are rooted in the community and take a unique and innovative approach to fulfilling community needs.
  • Customers aren’t competing for attention. Meaning, if there is a service problem (it happens), response times are much faster, and the problem is resolved much sooner.
  • When you call, you’ll get a human. Local businesses will give you the personal attention a major ISP can’t.

While we want you to do all the streaming your heart desires, the reality is the importance of having reliable broadband Internet goes far beyond the next binge-worthy Netflix original series.

In this post, let’s break down the importance of keeping local ISP’s in your community. Once we illustrate how local ISP’s provide more reliable service, and exactly why it matters, you’ll be able to make the switch to your local ISP with confidence and pride.

5 Data-Backed Reasons for Why You Absolutely Need Broadband Internet

You probably remember about two decades ago when advanced, high-speed Internet promised to create a bustling economy in rural communities.

People would be free to work remotely, education would be accessible from anywhere, and companies could invest in small businesses beyond the urban metro.

Monopolistic ISP’s never expanded DSL and cable technologies to bring broadband access to non-urban areas, but our local ISP is committed to finishing that important work. We’re always looking for new ways to bring people better Internet.

As a locally owned and operated ISP, we’re dedicated to enhancing the lives of the people we serve and creating opportunity in their communities.

Here’s how we do it:

1. We help people find work

One researcher said it best when he wrote that "the American economy has gone digital."

Not only do we personally employ hundreds of people across local communities, but also, we provide the broadband access people need to compete for jobs.

Research published from the USDA showed that as broadband access in small towns increases, the employment rate, and median income, are also increasing.

Reliable broadband is also making it possible for people in smaller communities to do different types of work and learn new skills.

Though rural communities have historically sustained themselves through agriculture and light manufacturing. Research shows that now, over 70 percent of rural employment is provided in non-agricultural and non-labor-intensive industries.

In our digital age, there are many new jobs and industries which exist solely online. Internet access opens up an entirely new world of economic opportunity for small towns.

2. We support local businesses

We’re a local business. So naturally, we’re passionate about other small businesses.

Research found small business owners without broadband access to be at a huge economic disadvantage. They miss out on finding qualified employees, finding qualified buyers, accessing government services, and buying from wholesalers.

As a local ISP, we’re able to offer broadband services that businesses need at incredibly affordable rates.

We also provide a cost-effective advertising platform to local businesses.

If you’re a small business, you can use either your own commercial or our Broadcasting department can help you produce a new one. In any case, we offer an affordable and effective way to promote your product or service.

3. We use updated infrastructure and technology wherever possible.

In some communities, certain areas still only have access to DSL, Dial-Up, and Satellite. Support from our loyal customers allows us to continue looking for ways bring better services to those areas, one neighborhood at a time.

Our commitment is to honest dialogue. If broadband isn’t yet available in your area, trust that we’re working on it. Unlike major ISPs, we don’t sell you advanced services knowing full-well you don’t have the infrastructure to support them.

But rather, we build the infrastructure you’ll need to support your service.

4. We make sure you’re heard.

By us and everyone else.

Our friendly and passionate employees value your time and understand the importance of the service we provide.

A recent study warned that rural communities with limited access to reliable Internet are at risk for being undercounted in the 2020 U.S Census.

An undercounted community doesn’t receive its fair share of public funds.

Small towns that are misrepresented in the census lose federal money for schools, hospitals, daycare centers, roads, and more.

A local ISP will ensure that you have the connection you need to take part in the census and all other government affairs.

5. We’re rebuilding the community.

Local ISP’s are proving that a better Internet infrastructure is possible.

USDA research found that, between 2001 and 2015, broadband Internet in rural households increased from 2 to 61 percent.

As towns gain better access to broadband Internet, young adults who left in search of educational and economic opportunity will perhaps be called back home.

Though broadband adoption in rural counties still remains below the national average, with more local ISP’s available, small towns are no doubt on the upswing of their connectivity struggle.

Let’s connect.

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