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How Fidelity is Utilizing Real-Time System Monitoring to Better Serve Our Customers

  • Posted by Blog Administrator - August 16, 2018

Calling customer service when your internet is out can make two minutes on hold feel like two hours. Trust us, we understand that frustration, and we've already written about it here.

At Fidelity Communications, we work hard to be more than just good listeners when you call customer service. In fact, we take what we learn from your customer service calls and then find ways to solve those problems and prevent them from popping back up, all so you don't have to keep dialing customer service over and over.

We're committed to delivering the best possible experience and technology to our customers, and responsive customer service is just one part of the process. We also take a proactive approach to network monitoring that allows us to catch problems before they ever reach our customers. Here's how it works.

Streamlining Issue Resolution with Proactive Monitoring

At Fidelity, both our Field Technicians and our Network Operations Center (NOC) technicians leverage a proactive monitoring system to track issues in our systems and streamline resolutions. "We use tools that allow us to monitor, identify, and in many cases, respond to an issue before it's impacted the customer," explains Fidelity Technical Operations Manager, Eric Gahr. With more than 150 programs and devices informing the NOC's troubleshooting process, there's little that this innovative monitoring system can't catch. One facet of this monitoring system, the BBX program, monitors all of our cable modems and is capable of diagnosing minor problems before they turn into an outage.

Our monitoring platform has improved everything from our customer service to our internal communication. Gahr recalls one incident in particular: "the A/C unit in one of our PoP (Point of Presence) sites failed, and the NOC technician noticed before technicians in the field," he shared. "As soon as the temperature rose, the imbalance triggered alarms in our system, and we were able to bring a portable A/C unit to the PoP site." Our Proactive Monitoring system not only helped us ensure a comfortable work environment for our team, but we were also able to repair the equipment before permanent damage was done.

Empowering Technicians with Training and Innovative Technology

Our proactive approach to monitoring our network goes far beyond catching pocket outages before our customers notice. To get the most out of our monitoring system, we provide extensive training for all our technicians, focusing on teaching them how to spot problems before they can occur. Both Field and NOC technicians receive extensive, continued training to make sure they are experienced with and proficient on the latest technologies.

Field Technicians receive continuous training through Fidelity Academy, in addition to completing NCTI's Master Technician certification program. This continuing professional development better prepares them to use our monitoring technology while out in the field to locate and resolve problems proactively.

Our NOC technicians are also extremely observant and highly analytical, and that's before they complete our extensive training process. In 2017 alone, the NOC team received 2,228 hours of training — just over 74 hours per person, on average — giving them the experience needed to recognize the symptoms that signal a variety of network complications and skills to prevent those issues from creating an alert or a problem for our customers. According to Ricky Cotner, ISP Operations Manager, the key to maintaining Fidelity's customer network is a team of agile and skilled NOC techs. "Well-trained NOC technicians," Cotner explained, "can manipulate traffic to optimize the network by recognizing when and where to add capacity." Their continuous training allows our NOC technicians to better leverage our monitoring system. "We're committed to pursuing innovation to provide a superior customer service experience," said Cotner. "In 2017, that meant working to build our staff and our systems so we could provide 24/7 internal monitoring and support. We increased staffing and added shifts and offered more training. Our team rallied around this initiative, taking on the additional training and work, and we actually exceeded our training goals for last year."

Delivering Quality Customer Service with Proactive Monitoring

At Fidelity, we're always looking for ways to improve our processes and create a better experience for our customers, but we're proud of the customer satisfaction we've achieved already. Last year, we resolved 91% of Out of Service (OOS) tickets–an issue that can get pretty tricky–within the very same day. We have upped our goal to 95% for 2018. When asked to rate our customer support from 0 to 10–with 10 being the most satisfied–88% of our customers ranked us at an 8 on the scale. In hopes of getting that number up to a solid 10, we'll continue looking for ways to improve our processes to better serve you.

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