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Is the Internet Changing Education, Schools, and Learning?

  • Posted by Blog Administrator - August 1, 2018

In a previous post, we talked about the impact of technology on small towns, businesses and society as a whole. 

Schools are another place where modern technology usage is very important. Though most schools are playing catch-up in terms of getting more technology in the classroom, they also need to embrace its use. 

At a conference earlier this year, Vice-president of Education at Microsoft explained that the willingness of “governments and schools to change the way children are taught” is vital to his vision for US education.

Here are just a few obvious reasons schools should embrace technology: 

  • Technology creates more opportunity for learning outside of the classroom.
  • Interactive learning software, practice quizzes and exams, and various other supplementary learning material enhance the time students spend in class. 
  • Information and resources are becoming easier to share and access online. This means a broader range of resources for students to learn from at a fraction of the costs for schools. 

Here are some not-so-obvious, but important reasons to embrace technology in education:

Earlier we talked about the fact that millennials grew up using the Internet, so they’re at a natural advantage over generations that didn’t. 

According to the VP of Microsoft, “The way students learn, share ideas, get access to content, create and collaborate is fundamentally different. Their mindsets are different, and the workplaces we are preparing them for are different, so we have to recognize there has been a lot of change.” 

With so many resources being allocated to bringing more technology in the classroom, you can be sure that children will soon–if not already–depend on a reliable Internet connection to succeed. 

The new digital take on learning means your child depends on reliable Internet to succeed. Here’s why: 

  • Podcasts are becoming a popular supplement to teaching lessons, and are often assigned to students as homework.
  • Adaptive content. These days, it is assumed that everyone has a smartphone and everyone has easy access to a reliable Internet connection. Teachers use adaptive content to send lesson content to smartphones or tablets. 
  • Online Class Calendars. Online calendars, such as a Google Calendar, are being used in classrooms across the country to give students an overview of content and lessons to come. Changes are often made directly to the calendar, so it’s necessary that it be accessible to students at home.  
  • Social Media. Everyone’s on it, even teachers. Teachers are using Twitter and Hashtags to take questions about homework outside of class online. Many teachers report that this has been especially helpful in giving shy or introverted students a place to confidently ask questions. 

And this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. In today’s system of education, a failure to embrace technology almost certainly means failing a course. 

Make sure your children have the resources they need.

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With our innovative technology and your student’s passion, the future looks bright!

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