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FiDO Tip-Delete Settings

Does FiDO automatically delete programs when the recording space is full? Only if you set it up that way. Recording options on deleting programs can be set up when you first schedule a series recording or at any time after that. In the Recorded TV menu, go to Scheduler and select the series and then recording options. You can choose keep recordings until space is needed or set them to only be...


FiDO Tip-Using FiDO Jr. Boxes

You know the FiDO DVR Whole Home Solution lets you record up to six shows at once. But what can the other FiDO units in your house do? FiDO Jr. Media Players can also schedule up to six simultaneous recordings while playing back a seventh. The unit offers a compact design and can be discreetly placed out of sight. Its remote control technology does not rely on line-of-sight. FiDO Jr. players...


FiDO Tip-Learning the Remote

Today we focus on learning all about the FiDO remote in this informative new video. Check it out!


FiDO Tip - Channel Filtering

Here's a great new tutorial video about removing channels you don't want to scroll through to find what you want to watch!


FiDO Tip - Navigation Tutorial

Want a little help navigating the FiDO DVR interface? Check out this informative new video tutorial!


FiDO Tip - Hiding Channels

Did you know you can hide TV channels you don’t want to see on the channel list? Hit Menu on your remote and arrow to the Settings tab. Scroll down to Channel List and hit OK. Scroll through the list to find the channels you want to hide and hit OK. Hit OK again to restore them to the list. It’s that easy!

Tech-Tips, FiDO-Tips

Tech Tip - DVR Recording Tips

Need a little help setting up a DVR recording on FiDO? Check out this great new tutorial video!


FiDO Tip - Programming the Remote

If you ever replace your original FiDO-connected TV or just need to pair/program your remote again, here's a great new tutorial video! Check it out!


FiDO Tip - Resolution Settings

For the best picture quality on your FiDO-connected TV, make sure your resolution settings match your TV type. In Menu, arrow over to Settings and select TV Setup. On a full HD TV, turn on the 1080i and 1080p 24hz, 30hz and 60hz settings. On a 720p HDTV, turn on 720p. On older, non-HD TVs, select only 480i. Select OK on the confirmation screen. A blank or scrambled image means your TV doesn't...


Tech Tip - Setting Up Mini HD Box

Here's a video on setting up your Mini HD box. If you still have questions after watching it, contact our Helpdesk at 1-888-463-1924. 


FiDO Tip - Skipping Through Recordings

The Skip button on your FiDO remote does more than let you skip commercials in your recorded programs! You can skip entire sections of a show to help find the part you want to watch. Push Menu and arrow over to Settings, select Skip and your options will appear to the right. You can skip 30 seconds, 3 minutes, 5 minutes or 15 minutes of any recorded show. Hit OK to pick a duration and you're...


FiDO Tip - Super Ticker

Watching a show on FiDO and want to get the latest weather? Hit Menu and arrow right or left to Super Ticker, then hit OK. The ticker will start running at the bottom of the screen, starting with current weather, plus a variety of choices you can scroll through including news, sports, business, world, stock market, etc. To turn off the ticker, hit Menu twice and OK to return to your show, or...

Tech-Tips, FiDO-Tips

Tech Tip - Using App to Stream Live TV

To pair your device with FiDO to stream live TV, go to the iTunes or Google Play app store and download the Arris Follow Me TV app. Press the menu button and arrow left on the FiDO remote to Settings. Select Mobile App and Add on the right hand side for a pairing code to enter into the Arris Follow Me TV app to pair the app and FiDO together. You should now be able to stream live TV and watch...


FiDO Tip - Free TV on Demand

Fidelity on Demand is more than just movies you can rent. It also features shows from 15 different TV networks, all for free. Just enter 999 on your FiDO remote and hit OK to launch the app, then scroll down to the bottom of the page for the TV tab. Select a network, a show and follow the prompts!


FiDO Tip - Playing Games

Want to play a game on FiDO? Arrow sideways to the Game card, select a game and hit OK, then follow the prompts to launch the game. To play, use left, right, up, down and OK keys to make your choices. Some games, like Solitaire, Bowling and Bubble Blast, will allow you to keep watching a show you were already watching, re-sized in the upper right hand corner. Just hit the re-size key on your...


FiDO Tip - Using Search

The FiDO Search feature lets you easily locate programs to record or find when they're showing! Hit Menu and arrow over to Search. You can search by Title by typing in a few letters, by Category by selecting Movies, Sports, Comedy, Children, Documentaries etc., or by Keyword. Scroll up and down to find a program and hit OK to select and then choose Record Once, Record Series, add to Favorites...


FiDO Tip - Priority Recording

Want to make sure your favorite series gets recorded? Arrow over to Recorded TV. Choose Scheduler, then arrow over to Scheduled Series. Find your favorite show on the list of scheduled recordings. Choose Change Priority and highlight and select the number 1. Now you don’t have to worry. Your favorite show is the number one priority to be recorded!


FiDO Tip - Filter Channels

FiDO filters programming for you in a number of ways. Arrow across the Menu screen for Favorites, HD, Movies, Sports, Kids and News, as well as Recorded TV, Pay Per View and TV Music. For example, the news filter card shows all the various news programs that are available at that moment. This method of search beats browsing through hundreds of channels to find what you’re looking for!


FiDO Tip - Free FiDO App

The free FiDO app lets you search, record and manage all your favorite shows from your Apple or Android device. Record your favorite shows and watch them from anywhere on your phone or tablet! Search for "ARRIS Whole Home Solution" in the GooglePlay or Apple AppStore.


FiDO Tip - Creating a PIN

To set up Parental Controls for purchasing movies on Fidelity on Demand, create a 4-digit PIN. Press OK to My Account. Highlight menu to Create PIN and Press OK. Use the up and down arrow buttons to Create Your PIN. To change your PIN, press OK to My Account. Highlight menu to Change PIN and Press OK. Enter your PIN when prompted.


FiDO Tip - Recorded TV List

If you arrow across to the Recorded TV menu, all recorded and currently-recording shows are listed in alphabetical order. Episodes of a series are grouped into folders, and you can see the individual episodes in the preview panel to the right!


FiDO Tip - TV on Demand

To watch free TV shows on demand on FiDO, enter 999 for the channel number and press OK to launch Fidelity on Demand. Arrow to the bottom of the page and select TV to view available channels. Select a channel and arrow to the series you want. Select the series and arrow to the desired episode, select and hit Play Now. It will start playing immediately!


FiDO Tip - Searching for Movies

Once you launch FiDO’s Fidelity On Demand screen, you can search for a movie by scrolling through movie posters or by keyword. To search by keyword, select the Search button at the bottom of the screen and use the keypad to enter the first few letters of the movie title. Scroll through titles to find the movie you want. Then press OK to display the details and Rental/Play Now to launch the...


FiDO Tip - Resume Playback on Rentals

If you rent a movie On Demand on FiDO, you have 48 hours to watch it. You can pause and resume playback at any time within that 48 hours. To resume a paused movie, scroll to My Account on the bottom bar and select My Rentals. Use the arrow keys to find your movie, press OK for details, then follow the prompts until Resume Play appears. It's that easy!


FiDO Tip - Renting Movies

It's easy to rent On Demand movies on FiDO. From live TV, go to channel 999 to see the gallery view of movies. Using your remote, arrow right at the top to pick a category, like New Releases, and arrow down then left or right to pick a movie. Press OK and then Rental. Follow the prompts and it will start playing immediately!


FiDO Tip - Simple Navigation

FiDO is all about simple, intuitive navigation. Hit menu and use left and right arrow keys to scroll through the various choices. Find a category you want, like Channels, and it’s just a simple up and down to browse through them. Find a show and hit OK!


FiDO Tip - Menu Button

Watching a show on FiDO and want something different? Press the Menu button on your remote to see all available channels. You’ll see station information and how much time is left in the show selected. Touch the right arrow key to scroll through the Coming Up menu. You can plan your night’s viewing or schedule FiDO to record any of these shows!


FiDO Tip - Recording Basics

With FiDO you can record up to six shows at once! To record a series, first press the grid button on your remote. Find the program you want to record and press OK on your remote, then select record once or record series, with the OK button. You're all set!


FiDO Tip - On Demand

You can find Fidelity on Demand movies any of three ways on FiDO. While watching a show, press 999 on the remote. Or you can scroll up or down to 999 while in the channel filter screen. Or from Menu, arrow over to FiDO Apps and select Fidelity on Demand! It's that easy!


FiDO Tip - Recording Schedule

Want to see what your FiDO DVR is set to record? Press menu and arrow over to the Recorded TV filter to see scheduled recordings with one touch. You can scroll through all of them to see and alter all the set recordings by clicking OK. It’s that easy!


FiDO Tip - Flip Bar

If you’re watching a channel on FiDO and want to see what’s coming up next, clicking the UP key will bring up the flip bar on the bottom of the screen. On the right you’ll see what’s next. Arrow right and record, once or the whole series, by clicking OK.


FiDO Tip - True Whole Home DVR

With FiDO you get true whole home DVR functionality! Start watching a recorded show in the living room, hit stop, and pick up right where you left off in the bedroom or any other room with a FiDO player! And with six tuners, you can record up to six shows at once for later viewing!


FiDO Tip - Adjust LED Brightness

One setting allows you to adjust the brightness of the LED lights on the front panel of your FiDO HD/DVR. In Settings, scroll to Front Panel and click OK. Select the brightness level, from high to medium to low or off. It’s that simple!


FiDO Tip - 5102 Error Code

Here's how to get rid of a 5102 error code on your FiDO box. If you get this code with a message saying "an error occurred during media playback" and to check connectivity, first check your cabling connections to ensure they're secure. If no change, unplug the Media Gateway and all of the players for 60 seconds. This should resolve the issue.


FiDO Tip - LED Brightness

One setting allows you to adjust the brightness of the LED lights on the front panel of your FiDO HD/DVR. In Settings, scroll to Front Panel and click OK. Select the brightness level, from high to medium to low or off. 


FiDO Tip - Adding Favorites

Here's how to add your favorite channels on FiDO! Hit menu on the remote, go the channel you want, hit info, and on the right side you will see "add item to favorites." Press OK and it will be in your favorites list for easy access. It's that simple!


FiDO Tip - Set Up Recording

To set up a recording, cruise through the channels, find a show you like, then scroll right to select an episode. Hit OK to tell it to record a future episode or to record the whole series! Select the show and hit OK again to cancel the recording.


FiDO Tip - Start, Stop Recording Early

Don’t miss a second of your favorite show with FiDO. Open up your series recording; recording options are on the right. Click OK and you can scroll through each setting and change it. Under start, you can start recording 1 to 5 minutes early and do the same to stop it up to 60 minutes late.


FiDO Tip - Check Recordings

Here’s a FiDO tip for checking out stuff you've already recorded on FiDO! Hit the DVR button at the upper left on the remote. Recorded programs show up in gold. To watch, hit OK. If it's a series, arrow to the right to select the episode you want, then hit OK! 


FiDO Tip - Search for Shows

Here’s a FiDO Friday tip for finding and recording shows! Arrow over to Search and select Search by Title. Enter letters to narrow the search, like NC for NCIS. Shows appear on left. Scroll to select, push the OK button and tell it to record one time, as a series etc. FiDO confirms with a clock symbol. 


FiDO Tip - Adding Storage

Here’s a FiDO Friday tip on storing your favorites shows! Bring up the FiDO menu/settings/storage info to see how much space is left on the 500GB hard drive. Need more? Customers can add an external hard drive, increasing storage as much as 2.5 terabytes. That’s 2500GB!


FiDO Tip - Skip Commercials

Hate watching commercials? Use the skip button on your FiDO remote to blow past them on recorded shows! The default setting is 30 seconds every time you hit "skip". You can also skip 3, 5 or 15 minutes of any recorded program! 


FiDO Tip - Grid Guide

Here's a FiDO tip! If you prefer a more traditional way to look at available programming, activate the Grid Guide in Settings! Once enabled, you can launch the Grid Guide from just about anywhere in FiDO by pressing the red “c” button on your remote! Press Menu to escape the grid. It’s that easy!

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