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Everyone from product managers and customer care specialists to business sales reps and technical staff will discuss news, change at our company, and our thoughts on what’s important in our industry.

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Tech Tip - What HDMI Does

What is HDMI? High-Definition Multimedia Interface adds audio to the older DVI cable technology and is a smaller connector. Most new HDTVs have at least two HDMI inputs, allowing you to connect DVRs, cable boxes, Blu-Ray players and media streaming devices (Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV etc.) to your TV using an HDMI cable. HDMI supports HD television; regular coaxial connections do not.


Tech Tip - Watching While Recording

Say you’re recording a show on your DVR and want to watch it before the recording is completed. You can either watch it as it’s being recorded or rewind it to the point where you want to start watching, even to the beginning, while the recording continues.


Tech Tip - Wireless Speeds

Not getting the full speed you're paying for?
The bandwidth you are paying for is delivered to your home and shared by connected devices.The more devices, the less bandwidth there is to go around. The further your device is away from the router, the lower the connectivity strength. If there is any interference within WiFi frequency ranges, slower speeds can result as the broadcast from the...


Tech Tip - Wireless Router Range

How far will your wireless Internet reach? Most wireless networking equipment has a range of up to 150 feet indoors and 300 feet outdoors. For best results, Fidelity recommends that wireless devices be within 100 feet of the modem. If you have a large home, or a home with thick walls, place the wireless router in a more central location, away from other electronics and any large metal objects....


Tech Tip - Resetting Modems and Routers

Resetting modems and routers by powering them off is usually the first solution recommended to resolve connectivity or speed problems with your Internet service. But why? Unplugging the modem basically forces a refresh from the main server, updating its settings from the Internet Service Provider. Resetting the router is more like rebooting your computer when it’s running slow. If the...


Tech Tip - Trouble Hearing on Phone Line

If you're having trouble being heard on incoming and outgoing calls on your modem-connected home phone, check all the connections to make sure they are secure and verify call volume settings are correct. If one phone is having issues, it can cause issues throughout the whole home. Try testing another phone if possible. If you are still having issues after these steps, call the Helpdesk at...


Tech Tip - Troubleshooting Remote Issues

To troubleshoot spotty service with your TV remote control, try these steps:

• Manipulate controls on the front panel of the media player to verify the issue is related to the remote. 

• Check the batteries in the remote and install new batteries if necessary. If the batteries are just low, the cable box may appear to freeze when scrolling up and down through the channels. 

• Check if the...

Tech-Tips, FiDO-Tips

Tech Tip - DVR Recording Tips

Need a little help setting up a DVR recording on FiDO? Check out this great new tutorial video!


Tech Tip - Voicemail Access Numbers

Due to recent equipment conversions, our voicemail access numbers have changed in certain Missouri and Oklahoma markets. To access your voicemail from home, dial *318 and enter your voicemail password.

If you haven't set one up yet, the default password is 1234 and you will be prompted to change your password. Any new messages will be identified and played. Then you’ll hear the Voicemail Main...

Tech-Tips, FiDO-Tips

Tech Tip - FiDO Fetch

Setting up FiDO Fetch is as easy as using the Arris Follow Me TV app. Once you subscribe to Fetch and get the box (shown here) installed, download the app onto your device from the iTunes or Android store. Pair it with FiDO by going into TV Settings (Press the menu button and arrow left on the FiDO remote to Settings) selecting Mobile App and entering the pairing code on your device. Once...

Tech-Tips, FiDO-Tips

Tech Tip - Using App to Stream Live TV

To pair your device with FiDO to stream live TV, go to the iTunes or Google Play app store and download the Arris Follow Me TV app. Press the menu button and arrow left on the FiDO remote to Settings. Select Mobile App and Add on the right hand side for a pairing code to enter into the Arris Follow Me TV app to pair the app and FiDO together. You should now be able to stream live TV and watch...


Tech Tip - Changing Router Settings

If you have Fidelity wireless service, you can pull up a webpage to change your settings. Type in the url address bar and it will take you to a login page. The username will be admin and the password is password. Once you log in, you'll be able to change the settings on the router, including the network name (SSID) and wireless password to access it!


Tech Tip - Phone Modem Connection

If your home phone has no dial tone, be sure that you have it plugged into the Tel 1 port (shown at left below) on the back of your modem and that the connections are secure. If you still do not have a dial tone, please contact our Helpdesk at 1-888-463-1924.


Tech Tip - Dual Band Wireless

If you have a Fidelity dual band modem/router combo, you have two options for Wi-Fi, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The 5 GHz band has a shorter range compared to the 2.4 GHz and supports only newer devices. If your devices won't be too far from the modem, use the 5 GHz channel. It has less radio traffic and will be stronger and more stable. You can use more distant devices on the 2.4 band.


Tech Tip - Update Time on Box

It's Tech Tip Thursday! If you notice your FiDO box's timing is off for your programs, here's how to update it to the correct time. Press the Menu button on your remote, arrow over to Settings, then scroll to Channel List, then press the Next and Back buttons on the remote alternatively a few times. The diagnostics menu should pop up and you can arrow down to select Update Resources. After...


Tech Tip - Phone Feature Access

New phone customers in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and parts of Missouri can access phone features from the web. Simply log into with your username and password to access phone features and voicemails! Residential customers use their home phone number as a username and a password set up when they got phone service. Business customers use their email as a username and their...


Tech Tip - Cable Freezing in DSL Areas

If you're a DSL customer and notice your cable is freezing or getting bad reception, unplug your modem and all of your cable boxes at the same time. Leave them unplugged for a minute and then plug your modem back in first, then all the cable boxes. After the cable reloads, your reception issues should be resolved. If not, please contact our Helpdesk at 1-888-463-1924.


Tech Tip - Point Anywhere Remote

If your mini HD box is not visible and you can't change your channels or volume, grab your cable remote and point it directly at the cable box. Push the Menu button, go to general setup, arrow over to pair remote, then follow the directions to pair it to the digital adapter on your TV. This will allow you to use your remote without having to point it directly at the cable box.


Tech Tip - Sound Issue

 If the sound is not coming through on your TV channels, regardless of what kind of Fidelity box you use, grab your branded remote that came with the TV (like Samsung or Sony) and press the SAP or MTS button to bring the sound back. If that doesn't work, contact our Helpdesk at 1-888-463-1924.


Tech Tip - WatchTVEverywhere

Did you know Fidelity has a WatchTVEverywhere app? Go to, click on the Television tab, then click WatchTVEverywhere. Once you register your account, just download the app you want to use to watch shows on your devices!


Tech Tip - Mini HD Volume Issue

If you have a mini HD box and still can't hear sound when you maximize the volume, here's a Tech Tip Thursday fix. At the bottom left corner of your Fidelity remote, press and hold the setup button until the light at the top turns from red to green. Press the volume up button once, then turn the volume up. It should be working now.


Tech Tip - Slow Internet Speeds

 If your speeds are slower than they should be using your own wireless router, bypass it and run a speed test. Connect an ethernet cord to the Arris modem Fidelity provides and plug the other end directly into your computer. If your speeds are faster, it's an issue with your router. If your speeds are still slow, contact our Helpdesk at 1-888-463-1924 for assistance.


Tech Tip - Temperature Changes

Did you know that temperature changes can actually affect your services? Don't worry! We have line techs out in the field constantly balancing services to prevent any service interruption! So if your TV pixelates or, in extreme cases, your Internet slows down, rest assured we're working to fix the problem!


Tech Tip - Overheated HD Box

If you notice your mini HD box is getting warmer than normal, unplug the box from the power for about 5-10 minutes. Also be sure it's in a well ventilated area. If it continues to overheat, contact our HelpDesk at1-888-463-1924 because the box may need to be replaced.


Tech Tip - Unpaired Remote

If your Mini HD remote has unpaired from your TV, hold the setup button on your remote until the LED light on top turns from red to green. Press the letter A, then press the channel up button repeatedly until your TV turns off. Then press the setup button once. Your remote should now be paired!


Tech Tip - No Signal

 If you are receiving "No Signal" on your TV screen, pick up your TV remote and find the input or source button. Make sure the TV is on Channel 3. Press input/source and go through each option on your input list—choices like Component and HDMI 1—until you get your picture back!


Tech Tip - Closed Caption Controls

To turn your closed caption on/off on your mini HD box, grab the remote and press the orange menu button. Arrow down to "closed caption" and arrow over to the right to custom and off. Turn it on by going to "custom" and pressing OK. Turn if off by going to "off" and pressing OK.


Tech Tip - Holiday Lights & WiFi

Did you know that holiday lights may interfere with WiFi signals? If you're having issues with your WiFi, try moving your modem away from any lighted holiday decorations inside your home, like on the tree, a lighted wreath or other illuminated decor.


Tech Tip - Autotune Channels

Tired of entering 3 digits for a 1-digit channel on your Motorola cable box? Set up Auto Tune by pressing the Menu button twice, select Setup, then TV Guide Setup, then Auto Tune! You can now enter Channel 3 as 3 instead of 003, for example.


Tech Tip - Channel/Time Display

Here's how to change what displays on the front of your Motorola cable box (if you have that brand). Press menu twice, select setup, select cable box setup, then select either current channel or current time! It's that simple!


Tech Tip - No Dial Tone

If you have no dial tone on your home phone, a short in the lines may be the cause. Unplug all but one phone and see if the dial tone returns. If that doesn't work, call the Help Desk at 1-888-463-1924 for further troubleshooting.


Tech Tip - Fill Your Screen

Have a Fidelity mini HD box and your TV picture isn't filling the screen? Press Menu on your cable remote, scroll down to HDMI setup, arrow over to aspect ratio, and select the settings that best fit your TV screen! Typically, 1080i Wide is a good start!


Tech Tip - Slow WiFi

If you're experiencing slow wi-fi internet speeds, take an ethernet cord and plug the device directly into your modem, then go to to see what speed you are pulling. This will give you the true speed. Wireless speeds lessen in transmission to your device and don't tell the true speed coming from your provider.


Tech Tip - Non-Responsive Remote

Is the remote to your mini HD box not responding? Press and hold the setup button until the light turns green, then enter 987. Give it 5 minutes and it should start responding again! For more troubleshooting, call 1-888-463-1924.


Tech Tip - Box Swap

If you are having trouble with a Fido Jr. box, try moving it to a room where another Jr. box is already set up. Swap them out and see if the box works there. This will determine if it is a box issue or outlet issue!

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