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Fidelity Communications Management Team

John Walburn - Vice President - Customer Care


John Walburn is the Vice President of Customer Care of Fidelity Communications and its subsidiaries.

Before assuming his current role with Fidelity, John spent 12 years with Consolidated Communications where he acted as Director of Customer Care.

He started his customer service career as a CSR for Everest Connections and worked his way through management, to eventually head the department for Everest. In his role, he was part of a team that built their call center from 14 agents to over 60 agents in one year. John will continue Fidelity's rich history of making each customer's needs a priority.

In his position with Fidelity, John is responsible for the overall success of Fidelity's Customer Service. With his background in both Customer Care and Marketing, he brings a unique perspective to Fidelity's Customer Care department.

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