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Fidelity Communications Creates 1 Gig Cities in Rolla, MO; Nevada, MO; Lebanon, MO; and New Roads, LA

Fidelity Communications continues to spread 1 Gig Internet in the communities it serves. Rolla, MO; Nevada, MO; Lebanon, MO; and New Roads, LA are now part of Fidelity's One Gig cities. One gig Internet provides more bandwidth to households for a fully connected home.

Today, 90% of adults in the U.S. connect to the Internet at home. Homeowners are doing more than just getting online to check email or Facebook.  Homes are connected for security, convenience, and fun.  Each device needs bandwidth to work properly.  Having the right Internet package makes a big difference in each device's performance. Fidelity's 1 Gig Internet service provides a powerful bandwidth solution at an affordable price.

The average home with four or more people has 19 connected devices; phones, tablets, gaming consoles, Roku or Amazon FireTV sticks, speakers. In addition to these typical connected devices, homes are now connecting doorbells, security systems, and appliances.  Businesses are also connecting more than just their computers – security monitoring, customer WiFi, video conferencing and much more.  As each new device goes online, it takes up a share of the overall bandwidth.  And as each new device takes uses more bandwidth, many homes eventually require a stronger, more robust Internet connection to keep them all connected and functioning properly. 

“We are extremely excited to extend our 1 Gig Internet service to more communities," states John Walburn, Vice President and Executive General Manager. “The benefits and opportunities 1 Gig Internet offer to homes and families is enormous. With more and more connected devices in and around the home, the need for more powerful Internet is present."

Fidelity offers 1 Gig Internet in 18 of its 20 cable modem communities for under $80 a month for the first year.  All services include a modem with WiFi to keep all devices connected. For more information about the right Internet for your home, visit or call 1-800-392-8070.

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