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Fidelity Chromebook Donation to Beebe Elementary School Enables Student Access to Technology During COVID-19

July 29, 2020 – Beebe, Arkansas – Students at Beebe Elementary School in Beebe, Arkansas will be equipped with new Chromebooks this school year as the result of a Fidelity Communications initiative designed to improve student access to technology in Title I schools.

Senior Vice President of Technology Services Ken Johnson said that donating Chromebooks to Title 1 schools will help bridge the digital divide in schools that lack funding – especially for students lacking the technology needed to perform school from home activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"While many school systems are taking big steps and working to give every student and every teacher access to the technology and tools they need to learn, not all schools have the funding to support this effort," Johnson said. "We understand how critical access to technology is right now – especially during the pandemic when many schools are struggling to provide laptops to students in need during the transition to online school."

Beebe Elementary School Principal Rob Rollins said Fidelity's Chromebook donation will aid in the school's effort to put technology in the hands of every student in the current distance learning environment.

"During our current situation, technology that allows student learning to continue off campus is vitally important to the overall mission of our school," Rollins said. "Students need access to technology in order to utilize Google Classroom, which is our system of choice for student lessons and assignments. This donation will also provide a forum for continued communication, whether it be from school or from home."

Fidelity's Beebe General Manager Donna Chatman said that Fidelity is committed to strengthening and improving the Beebe community, not only through its products and services, but through support of the local community.

"Our Fidelity associates are passionate about giving back to the community where they live and work," Chatman said. "We know that improving access to technology in our schools – especially during these unprecedented times - will improve education and benefit our community for the long term."

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