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Fidelity Headquarters
64 North Clark St.
Sullivan, Missouri 63080


Note: In your email, please provide us your name, city, state and account number if you are a current customer.



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Fidelity Communications may be contacted in a number of ways. To ensure a prompt response, please be sure to send your inquiry to the correct location.

Corporate Headquarters

Fidelity Communications Co.
64 North Clark St.
Sullivan, MO 63080 USA
Toll-Free (US): 1-800-392-8070
Fax: 573-468-5440

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Fidelity provides a number of email contacts to help your message reach the right people fast. Please make sure and provide your name, the account name/number, your service address - including street/city/state and a good contact number to reach you back at if needed.

Residential Sales & General Information:

Repair/Technical Support:

Local Office Contact Information

You may contact Fidelity Communications by phone during our normal business hours:

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