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1 Gig Internet Speed Launched by Fidelity Communications in Marshall, Jefferson, Hallsville.

Fidelity Communications today announces the successful launch of 1 Gigabit per second Internet service within the City of Marshall, Jefferson, and Hallsville, Texas. The new offer of 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps) download speeds quadruples the current top speed offering of 250 Mbps. 

With the growing number of connected devices in homes and businesses, more bandwidth and higher internet speeds are becoming a greater necessity every day. We are no longer just talking about computers when we consider what connects to the internet. Today homes and businesses alike have gaming systems, security systems, televisions, speakers, and even appliances that need a reliable connection. 

Tim Huff of the Greater Marshall Chamber of Commerce shares his excitement with Fidelity about the launch of 1 Gig in Marshall and the surrounding communities; “This new service is going to provide a quicker way of doing business and better support for multiple connected devices in the home. Specifically, faster downloads for streaming video content and fewer interruptions when accessing information online.”

Fidelity Communications is known for leading the market with innovative technology and advanced services with continuous investments and system upgrades. Fidelity's team is proud to keep the tradition alive with this outstanding new service to these communities, bringing great opportunity and value to its businesses and residents.

Fidelity offers 1 Gig Internet in 19 of its 20 cable modem communities for under $80 a month for the first year.  All services include a modem with WiFi to keep all devices connected. For more information about the right Internet for your home, visit or call 1-800-392-8070.

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