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Fidelity Communications
64 North Clark St.
Sullivan, Missouri 63080


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Local Office Locations

Fidelity Communications - Super POWERFUL Internet, Television & Phone

Awesome Entertainment. Exciting TV Services!

Residential Services

We have the services you want at the most competitive pricing around!

Whether you're a new Fidelity customer, or an existing customer adding new services, just choose the services or package you want and a Customer Service Representative will follow-up to confirm your order and schedule your installation. We appreciate your business!

Internet Services

With incredibly fast Internet (up to 125 MBPS speeds in most areas) and wireless home networking, we can give you all the speed you need to surf, stream, and more!

FidelityTV Services

Hundreds of channels, bring your own device, cloud DVR and Replay TV - all at HUGE savings over satellite. Why wouldn't you switch?

Phone Services

Incredible quality local phone service, phone features and long distance for safety and convenience. Bundle with your other Fidelity services and save BIG!

All services may not be available in all areas.

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