Customer Proprietary Network Information

Fidelity Communications and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are very concerned about protecting our subscribers' privacy and identity. The FCC enacted some new rules regarding Customer Proprietary Information (CPNI) effective December 7, 2007. These rules protect our subscribers.

In the course of providing services to you, Fidelity Communications obtains information such as call details (time of call, number called, etc), as well as the particular services you use, such as call forwarding or voice mail. Telephone companies collect this customer information, called Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI), so they can provide the services you have requested and bill you accordingly. CPNI information does not include customer name, phone number or address.

Both Congress and the FCC impose strict requirements on telephone companies about how they can use CPNI information and the measures required to protect such information from disclosure. The law also prohibits the unauthorized sale or transfer of confidential phone records or the purchase or receipt of such information with knowledge that it was obtained fraudulently or without authorization. Fidelity Communications has taken measures to protect all of our customers' CPNI and is in full compliance with these laws.

Both federal law and Federal Communications Commission rules impose a general duty on telephone companies to protect the confidentiality of your customer information. Fidelity Communications may only use, disclose, or permit access to your customer information in these circumstances: (1) as required by law; (2) with your approval; and (3) in providing the service from which the customer information is derived.

Only if customer designates another party to have access to their CPNI information will Fidelity Communications provide such information to that designated party.

Fidelity Communications will not sell, market or solicit communications services to you using CPNI in any way.

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