EVS - CommPortal Information Update

THANK YOU – Your Registered Location has been updated successfully. Please allow 120 minutes for address verification and E911 update.

Fidelity requires Customer to provide the physical address (“Registered Location”) where Customer will be using Fidelity Digital Voice Service for E911 purposes. For E911, this address is used to route 911 calls to the Customer‘s closest Public Safety Answering Point (“PSAP”) or local emergency center. Customer’s Registered Location CANNOT be a P.O. Box, mail drop or similar address.

If Customer wishes to move voice equipment to another Registered Location, Customer must update the Registered location by updating the physical address via Commportal, or call Fidelity’s support line at 800-392-8070 for assistance. If Customer does not update the Registered Location, E911 calls may be sent to an emergency center near the previous address. Please allow 120 minutes for the Registered Location to update. Do not move the Fidelity equipment installed in the business without calling Fidelity support first, as the E911 service may not work properly or may fail.

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