Fidelity 2023 Rate Adjustment FAQs

January 2023 Rate Adjustment FAQs

Why did my MustView/MegaView TV rates increase?

A: We are committed to providing our customers with quality TV programming at a competitive price and we make every effort to minimize costs. In our contract negotiations with cable networks, we work hard to ensure our customers don’t suffer unfair price increases as a result of unreasonable rate demands. Over the past several years, however, cable networks have increased their fees at an alarming rate and programming fees are now the largest component of our customers’ monthly cable bill.

In just the past 12 months, we have renewed contracts with eight cable programmers to carry nearly 40 channels – substantially increasing our programming costs. Additionally, as with other companies, supply chain challenges, labor shortages and market inflation have increased our operational costs. Despite our best efforts to control these dramatically increasing expenses, Fidelity, like other cable and satellite companies, must pass a portion of these costs on to our customers. As a result, effective with your January billing statement, our residential Must View TV rate will increase by $3.01 per month and our Mega View TV rate will increase by $6.99 per month.

Q. Why wasn’t I notified in advance of this increase?

A: We placed notices in your December billing statement regarding this increase – we apologize that you missed this notification.

Q. Is there anything I can do to lower my bill?

A: Please call 1-800-392-8070 and a Fidelity Customer Care Associate would be happy to review your account and go over our plans with you.

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