Fidelity Bringing Fiber Internet, Gig Speeds to Owensville

March 2, 2020 – Owensville, MO – Fidelity Communications today announced that it is bringing Fiber-to-the-Home technology to residents of Owensville, Missouri. This fiber technology will allow Owensville customers to receive internet speeds up to 1 Gigabit – or 1,000 Mbps.  

Gigabit speeds will allow multiple users to download movies, music, photos, apps and more simultaneously in just seconds. It will also provide an enhanced streaming and gaming experience. 

"Fidelity has invested in a fiber solution that outperforms the needs of the communities it serves now and, in the future," said Sam McGill, General Manager for Fidelity's Missouri markets. "We are committed to delivering the latest technology to our customers, and we are excited to offer a better, more resilient service that will increase speeds and improve network reliability."  

Construction on the Fiber-to-the-Home project is scheduled to begin on March 30, 2020. During construction, Fidelity will remove and replace coax cable with fiber, and later, remove copper cable currently in use. This will allow current customers to keep their existing services while the new network is constructed.  

With fiber internet, fiber-optic cables send data to and from your computer via the power of light. Fiber-optic cable has the power to carry a strong signal throughout the cable without deterioration - meaning a stronger signal for faster and more reliable service.  

Fidelity is developing a web page,, for residents of Owensville to check locations receiving fiber and updates on the construction. This site will also provide information on services when construction in each phase is complete. Residents are encouraged to check this site regularly for information. The new Fidelity service offerings, packages and pricing will be posted on the company's website at



About Fidelity Communications

Fidelity Communications is a leading broadband communications provider and part of the Cable One family of brands, which serves more than 1.1 million residential and business customers in 24 states. Fidelity provides consumers with a wide array of connectivity and entertainment services, including high-speed internet and advanced Wi-Fi solutions, cable television and phone service. Fidelity Business provides scalable and cost-effective products for businesses ranging in size from small to mid-market, in addition to enterprise, wholesale and carrier customers.


Michelle Portillo
Director, Corporate Communications


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