Fidelity Communications Now Offers The Fastest Internet and Advanced TV Services in Adrian, MO

January 31, 2017 –  Fidelity Communications is excited to announce the Fiber to the Home upgrade in Adrian, Missouri is complete.

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is the only way to provide virtually unlimited bandwidth to consumers, enabling better quality video, internet, and voice services by running a fiber connection directly to the home. It replaces traditional copper and coax infrastructure.

Prior to the plant upgrade, Adrian residents had an option with a minimal TV lineup and Internet speeds ranging from 256 kilobits to 3 megabits per second (Mbps). Now, the 1,634 residents of Adrian are eligible for Internet speeds up to 1Gbps plus upgraded digital TV services, including whole-home DVR and an enhanced channel lineup, through this technology.

“With the addition of fiber to our plant, we are extremely excited to offer more innovative services, faster speeds, additional channels, and basically a better customer experience,” said Don Knight, Missouri General Manager. “From our construction crews to customer service representatives and technicians, everyone at Fidelity is looking forward to serving Adrian with this state-of-the-art solution.”

Offering services through fiber allows Fidelity Communications to offer an extremely reliable network with symmetrical Internet speeds. Symmetrical Internet speeds provide the same download and upload speeds for the customer. Fiber-to-the-Home technology also lets Fidelity Communications offer the fastest Internet in the area – speeds from 30 Mbps to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps).

Fidelity Communications can now provide more advanced TV services through Fiber-to-the-Home. An expanded channel lineup with HD channels and several tiers gives more options from which to choose. Additional services, like Whole-Home DVR, Watch TV Everywhere and Pay-Per-View, are also available. Watch TV Everywhere allows customers to watch TV on the go via mobile phone, tablets and other devices. Fiber-to-the-Home has endless possibility for the customer and the community.

As a family owned company for over 75 years, Fidelity Communications has not only expanded its service territory and offerings; it has also contributed to the communities it serves. Fidelity Communications has a long tradition of being actively involved in the local community. Not only will the company provide financial contributions through donations and services to charities, clubs and organizations, the employees also volunteer for several events and activities in the area.

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About Fidelity Communications

Fidelity Communications is a leading broadband communications provider and part of the Cable One family of brands, which serves more than 1.1 million residential and business customers in 24 states. Fidelity provides consumers with a wide array of connectivity and entertainment services, including high-speed internet and advanced Wi-Fi solutions, cable television and phone service. Fidelity Business provides scalable and cost-effective products for businesses ranging in size from small to mid-market, in addition to enterprise, wholesale and carrier customers.


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Director, Corporate Communications


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