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Robocall Mitigation Services with Fidelity

Recognize the "Red Flags" before Answering the Telephone

Neighbor spoofing - Calls from numbers that resemble your own - the area code and Prefix (the first six digits) match your number. If you don't recognize the number, and you're not expecting any calls, let it go to voicemail.

Mirroring - Spoofing of your telephone number to trick you into answering the phone

One Ring - Scammers ring your phone once and hang-up or they might say they are having trouble hearing you and ask you to call the number back. The hope is you will call the number back and the call back often results in per minute long distance charges or international calling/connection fees on your phone bill.

'Yes' call - Once you answer the call, someone asks a seemingly harmless question (such as can you hear me?, Are you there?). Scam callers use recordings of you saying "yes" as a voice signature to make charges to credit card or other accounts.

Open Enrollment Health Scams:

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